Claudia Sanchez Cabanillas

ClaudiaClaudia received a first class honours BSc degree in Biotechnology from The University of Manchester in 2019. She successively obtained the Dr Jean Alero Thomas Scholarship to study at Imperial College London, where she wanted to explore genomics and epigenetics in human disease. As a result, she achieved a Distinction MSc degree in Human Molecular Genetics along with the Dean´s Prize award. During her master’s thesis, she worked under the supervision of Dr. Inês Cebola, elucidating the genetic cause of a rare familial disease using whole-genome sequencing data. Soon after she joined the Cebola lab as a Research Technician where she acquired lab experience in molecular biology assays such as CRISPR, and she supported bioinformatic analyses. Claudia recently obtained an MRC DTP Studentship and has joined Marco at Imperial College as a PhD student. She will focus on epigenetic modifiers involved in induced dormancy in hormone-dependent breast cancer and the potential of G-quadruplex for targeting such modifiers. Her project is co-supervised by Prof. Luca Magnani.  

Beyond Research, Claudia´s interests are live music, cooking, and playing basketball with friends. 

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