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AB - G-quadruplexes (G4s) are well known non-canonical DNA secondary structures that can form in human cells. Most of the tools available to investigate G4-biology rely on small molecule ligands that stabilise these structures. However, the development of probes that disrupt G4s is equally important to study their biology. In this study, we investigated the disruption of G4s using Locked Nucleic Acids (LNA) as invader probes. We demonstrated that strategic positioning of LNA-modifications within short oligonucleotides (10 nts.) can significantly accelerate the rate of G4-disruption. Single-molecule experiments revealed that short LNA-probes can promote disruption of G4s with mechanical stability sufficient to stall polymerases. We corroborated this using a single-step extension assay, revealing that short LNA-probes can relieve replication dependent polymerase-stalling at G4 sites. We further demonstrated the potential of such LNA-based probes to study G4-biology in cells. By using a dual-luciferase assay, we found that short LNA probes can enhance the expression of c-KIT to levels similar to those observed when the c-KIT promoter is mutated to prevent the formation of the c-KIT1 G4. Collectively, our data suggest a potential use of rationally designed LNA-modified oligonucleotides as an accessible chemical-biology tool for disrupting individual G4s and interrogating their biological functions in cells.
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