AV and Digital Media is a sub-group of the Teaching & Learning Product Board. It is co-chaired by the ICT Technology Delivery Manager (AV) and the Head of the Digital Media Lab. Alongside other sub-groups it makes recommendations and examines issues in greater detail, on behalf of the Product Board.

The sub-group provides a forum for developing strategy and policy in the area of digital audio visuals including physical spaces, purpose, usage, display, experience, and production. The sub-group is an advisory forum and does not have an operational remit.

Terms of Reference

  • To advise the Teaching & Learning Product Board on matters of strategy and resource allocation for the planning, deployment, display, production, development, evaluation, and sustainability of audio visual (AV) equipment, Learning Media and XR (extended reality) experiences.
  • To make recommendations regarding the College’s AV strategy and Learning Media & Experiences Strategies, in line with the overarching aims of the College’s learning and teaching strategy.
  • To inform, align and further develop college’s approach to Audio Visual and Learning Media & Experiences (synchronous and asynchronous), in terms of physical spaces, content and online experience.
  • To audit, advise and make recommendations around procurement and account management of AV facilities and hardware supplier contracts, as well as media and XR production supplier contracts.
  • To bring new opportunities to the attention of the Product Board along with expert evaluation of the associated risks.
  • To interpret wider Learning and Teaching product line roadmaps and investment priorities.
  • To enable informed communication between Academic, Professional and Technical Staff around existing and future needs and capabilities in both AV and Learning Media & XR.

Membership (TBC)

  • Caroline Carter, ICT Technology Delivery Manager (Co-Chair)
  • Daniel Mitelpunkt, Head of Digital Media Lab (Co-Chair)
  • Phil Ramsden, Dir. Of cross-curricular mathematical education, dept. of Mathematics (FoNS)
  • Dr Philip Pratt, FoM, Dept of Surgery & Cancer
  • James Moss, NHLI (FoM)
  • Freddie Paige, Dyson School (FoE)
  • Adrian Cowell, New Media & Digital Innovation Lead (FETLs)
  • Simon Bland, Physics (FoNS)
  • Euan Doidge, Chemistry (FoNS)
  • Student representative: Sajan Patel, Chair of VR & AR Society (UG FoM student)
  • Estates Department representative - TBD
  • David Taborda – Civil Engineering (FoE)
  • Duncan Mclachlan - Business School
  • Niels Boyadjian - (FoNS)
  • Christopher John - Department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction (FoM)
  • Afrey Edes - Business School
  • Lee Greatorex - ICT Digital Education Team
  • Paul Chauncy - Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication

NB. sub-group members are asked to represent their wider constituency (e.g. faculty, department, teams or schools) on the sub-group.