The Data Analytics Evaluation and Monitoring Group is a sub-group of the Teaching & Learning Product Board. It is co-chaired by the Associate Professor of Education, Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship and the Education Insight and Evaluation Analyst, Faculty of Natural Sciences. Members represent the Faculties, Business School, Graduate School, Academic and Student Services, Students’ Union, Registry, Strategic Planning, the Education Office, CHERS and ICT. Alongside other sub-groups it makes recommendations and examines issues in greater detail, on behalf of the Product Board.

The sub-group provides a forum for developing strategy and policy on the use of student data and feedback for the purposes of evaluation and monitoring related to teaching and learning, and of learning analytics. The sub-group is an advisory forum and does not have an operational remit.

Terms of Reference

  • To advise the Teaching & Learning Product Board on matters of strategy, policy and resource allocation for the planning, deployment, development, evaluation, and sustainability of digital products for the collection of student feedback and the integration, analysis and reporting of learning analytics data.
  • To make recommendations regarding the College’s learning analytics strategy and policy, in line with the overarching aims of the College’s Learning and Teaching strategy and with other data governance structures.
  • To oversee or participate in clearly defined pilot programmes for potential new digital products or processes, including detailed evaluation, and to make recommendations to the Product Board of the associated benefits and risks and a business case for adoption.
  • To enable informed communication with Academic, Professional and Technical Staff around existing and future needs and capabilities of digital products and processes.
  • To provide input into Teaching & Learning product line roadmaps and investment priorities.
  • To work and consult with ICT Technology Office strategic principles around Architecture, Data and Design to ensure digital products are aligned with these principles.
  • To publish good practice guidance on the collection of student feedback and use of student data for evaluation, monitoring and learning analytics.
  • To develop a community of practice for staff involved in supporting teaching and learning-related evaluation and monitoring and learning analytics.


  • Helen Walkey, Education and Insight Evaluation Analyst, FoNS (Co-Chair)
  • Camille Kandiko Howson, Associate Professor of Education, CHERS (Co-Chair)
  • Antonyvincent, Rosany, Education Office/IETL/Business School
  • Brown, Trisha, FoM
  • Charlotte Whitaker, Education Office
  • Creagh, Kieron J, Education Office
  • Furr, Alexander D B, FoM
  • Hanger, Louise, Strategic planning
  • Jason Zheng, Deputy President (Education) ICU
  • Kalkanis, Irene, Academic and Student Services (IETL)
  • Kingsbury, Martyn P, CHERS
  • Kwok, Wendy, FoM
  • Lewis, Andrew, ICT
  • Li, Nai, Business School
  • Lock, Shireen, FoE
  • Madeira Teixeira Baptista, Ana V, FoM
  • Meadows, Chris, Graduate School
  • Moussaoui, Mehdi, FoNS/FoE
  • Rabin, Emma, Registry
  • Robinson, Greg, FoE
  • Rogel, J., Business School
  • Rutschmann, Sophie, FoM
  • Sarsfield, Moira E, FoNS
  • Seabrook, Gemma, ICT
  • Viola, Julianne K, CHERS
  • Webster, Judith A, Registry