Research misconduct is not a myth

Sep. 2023 entry

I recommend this 3-episode youtube video summarising the rise and fall of Jan Hendrick Schön, a famous research misconduct case in organic electronics. Although this case is extreme, research misconduct can be a lot more subtle and simply triggered by the pressure to publish groundbreaking results. - Julie Euvrard

The man who almost faked his way to a Nobel Prize


How to trust your data?

Sep. 2023 entry

Indeed, an equipment will always give us data to plot. It is our duty to make sure that these values have a physical meaning, and to make sense of them without being biased or drawn towards the conclusion that suits us. - Julie Euvrard

How early-career researchers can learn to trust negative data: five simple steps

The importance of coffee breaks

Sep. 2023 entry

I could not agree more with this article in the Careers section of Science. Coffee breaks are crucial for wellbeing (that's where you realize that others share or have encountered similar difficulties), and work. Coffee discussions can generate fantastic ideas and help identifying valuable resources for a project. - Julie Euvrard

Why scientists should take more coffee breaks