Postdoctoral positions

There is currently no funding for postdoctoral position. Interested candidates can consider various fellowships. Information and resources will be added soon in the appropriate section. I advise interested candidates to screen the list of potential funding sources before contacting me.

PhD positions

PhD positions for entry in October in 2024 will primarily rely on scholarships. Information and resources will be added soon in the appropriate section. Note that the earlier the better for PhD applications! Interested candidates can contact me.

MSci and MRes positions

Projects available to Imperial Physics MSci students are typically published in March for the following year. I however welcome students to contact me earlier in the year if they have a particular interest in our research.

Candidates interested in pursuing a Master of Research (MRes) in soft electronic materials (SEM) can find information on this website. Projects available for incoming MRes SEM students will be published in October. I welcome students to contact me for further details on specific projects.

Undergraduate positions

Candidates interested for a UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme) position can contact me to discuss posssibilities. Funding from the department is typically allocated late in the year (April-May). Bursary schemes are also available through Imperial and should be submitted earlier in the year!