Our newly born Echoes Team is growing. Check each tab to learn more about who we are.

Our team members are driven by the three values of Echoes Lab: conscientiousness, benevolence, and passion. We believe that important scientific achievements must rely on thorough, careful, and precise research undertakings. Our passion for science and research motivates our day-to-day efforts and curiosity to develop knowledge and enable technological solutions meeting societal needs. As a team relies on every one of its members and collaborators, benevolence is central to our group culture. We thrive by helping one another progress as a scientist and person. Together, we aim at reaching objectives that would not be possible separately.

If you are interested in joining our Team, look at the Join Us section for more details.

We are located in Huxley and Blackett buildings at South Kensington campus. Check the Contact Us section for additional details.

Echoes Lab is part of the interdisciplinary Centre for Processable Electronics, a vibrant community spanning five departments and aiming at developing low temperature processed electronic materials and devices.

June 2024 - After traveling back in time, we successfully and beautifully managed to defend British airspace. We highly recommend this escape room (Battle for Britain at Escape Plan)!