PhD Students

Carlo Duva

Research Postgraduate

Carlo Duva joined Echoes Lab as a PhD student at Imperial College London in October 2023. His research focuses on understanding the impact of organic ligands on charge transport and photocurrent generation in layered Perovskites, with the goal of combining stability and efficiency in perovskite solar cells.

Prior to his doctoral studies, Carlo earned his Master of Physics Honours degree (MPhys(Hons)) from the University of Manchester (UoM). During his undergraduate studies, he spent a year at the University of California - Santa Barbara (UCSB). He conducted his Master's project under Dr. Laura Fumagalli in the condensed matter physics department at UoM. The project, under the co-supervision of Dr. Simone Benaglia and Dr. Harriet Read, centred on utilizing temperature-dependent Atomic Force Microscopy to investigate the thermodynamical properties of biological membranes, modelled using supported lipid bilayers.

Carlo spent his childhood in Italy before moving to Denmark for a few years, before finally moving to London, where he completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Having grown up abroad, he has developed a keen interest in world politics, a pastime not recommended for stress relief. As a means of relaxation, he enjoys taking short trips, both locally and abroad, to explore new places and unwind.

As the first PhD member of this group, he is dedicated to fostering a welcoming atmosphere for both present and prospective members, where everyone can identify with the core values of Echos Lab.


Master Students

Xinxu Zhang

MRes Student

Project: Accessing optoelectronic properties of photocharging organic semiconductors for energy storage applications 

Undergraduate Students

Xiaoping Lang

Summer Research Student

Project: Effective doping of polycrystalline organic semiconductors