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Mrs Nikki Boyd - PWP
Senior Teaching Fellow in Medical Education

Welcome to CHERSNet, the successor to the Educational Enquiry Network (EDEN) in promoting educational enquiry and supporting the development and dissemination of educational scholarship at Imperial.

The network, hosted by the Educational Development Unit, was relaunched in 2018 to support the work of Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship (CHERS). Like its predecessor, the remit of CHERSNet is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and resources, as well as to facilitate peer support and opportunities for reviewing and disseminating draft presentations and publications. For the forthcoming academic year we intend to hold face-to-face meetings around once every two months as well as establish more of an online presence in facilitating support and building our community.


What CHERSNet can offer

Like its predecessor, CHERSNet seeks to be a facilitative network and members will be responsible for their own enquiry and dissemination activities. CHERSNet co-ordinators, EDU tutors and peers can offer guidance at meetings and, where appropriate, may contribute to the improvement, dissemination or publication of research.

CHERSNet exists for the benefit of its members and, as part of its relaunch, shall endeavour to engage with those involved in it as to what format and features would be of most value. In essence, however, CHERSNet will encourage its members to:

  • engage with educational enquiry
  • read educational literature and attend relevant conferences
  • enhance their enquiry methods and refine their empirical findings
  • orally disseminate their research both within and beyond Imperial College, for example, in Departmental, Faculty and College events or in external conferences
  • position their studies more accurately and precisely within higher or medical education – with respect to practice, theory and methodology
  • identify suitable peer-reviewed journals (either discipline-specific or generic) for publishing their findings

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