Pedagogical materials development and implementation

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In the second phase of the project, we work in partnership with three dedicated and brilliant students, funded by StudentShapers, to develop authentic and accessible pedagogical resources to promote inclusion, educational aspirations and student success for STEMM students. This StudentShapers project has built upon the rich interview data we have collected in phase 1 of the SIDUS project to inform our materials and resources design. Below are the three key areas of activity for pedagogical implementation:

  • Support student transition between school and university through creating bookmarks, a student handbook, and posters with the students and a professional illustrator (Raquel Durán), including messages of support and advice from students of different backgrounds.
  • Support underrepresented students and facilitate a stronger sense of belonging at Imperial through improving knowledge and representation of scientists from underrepresented groups via an exciting programme of Wikipedia editing events with Dr. Jess Wade (Physics, Imperial) and Dr. Alice White (Digital Editor, Wellcome Collection) in which we trained our student partners on how to improve open-access public knowledge of diverse scientists through creating and editing Wikipedia pages of scientists from underrepresented groups. 
  • Share the results of our research and facilitate the sharing of good practice across departments through working in collaboration with other College departments (e.g., EDI team, the Education Office, Student Union, other student services) to disseminate the SIDUS pedagogical materials that promote inclusion and diversity, especially amongst underrepresented groups.

Our student partners

Marine Coispeau, Life Sciences

"I just graduated with a Biotechnology degree from Imperial College this year (2021). Some of my hobbies include running, drama and traveling! It has been an honour to work on this project during the summer and I can't wait to see how this may benefit the incoming students!"

Danai Bili

Danai Bili, Physics

“Hello, I am Danai and I just graduated from the Department of Physics! In my natural habitat I enjoy reading about Medical Physics applications and going for long runs.”

Katarzyna Zukowska

Katarzyna Zukowska, Electrical and Electronic Engineering

“I am a third-year EEE student with a passion for film and education, currently working as an Outreach STEM Ambassador at Imperial.”


Martha, Electrical and Electric Engineering

“When I first read this section, just reading the first week was what drew me into it, because, like I said, you just get thrown into university and sometimes it's hard when you're so in shock. It's such a culture shock … and you can't keep up with everything. It's nice to have something else to tell you that this is what's going to happen.”

Josh, Physics

“I think just as a general comment, one thing I really enjoy about the resources… There are really positive themes but there's also quite serious themes as well. Like the stuff like I do deserve to be here which is really uplifting. There are some things that I find really difficult to read and things I relate to as well, which makes it feel very real. I guess it's different from all the Imperial stuff we get. It is really positive.”

Staff, Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship

“I recently used the imposter syndrome conversation starter with a group of students, and they fed back how useful it was to realise other people felt the same as they did and to share strategies for addressing it.”

testimonials 2

Staff, Engineering

“I find the handbook extremely useful, particularly as I am just starting my role as a Senior Tutor.”

Woodward Accommodation Halls

“The documents (…) look fantastic! I will make sure to present the idea at our wardening team meeting.”