Advanced Methods in Electrochemistry

The Electrochemistry Network has developed a course on 'Advanced Methods in Electrochemistry'. Some brief information of the course is as below.  The course will be conducted on MS Teams. Please join the course team with code eu9yw85 (instruction can be found here)


Course Leaders:  Ifan Stephens; Clotilde; Anna  

Course Manager: Mengnan Wang  

  • Start date12 January 2022,

  • 12 x 2 hour, either  

  • All lectures will be recorded and the recordings could be found in the respective channel of each lecture. 

  • Target audience: PhD students and postdoctorate researchers who are new to electrochemistry 

  • Not examinable 

  • Students will be encouraged to attend all lectures but this will not be compulsory 


Aims of the course 

  • Raise awareness of best practices in different fields of electrochemistry; cover common pitfalls and how to avoid them 

  • Ensure students understand basic terminology and concepts in electrochemistry.  

  • Teach up-to-date / ‘cutting edge’ concepts and techniques, going beyond information provided in textbooks.  

  • Facilitate collaboration within the electrochemistry community at Imperial College, raising awareness of different techniques and knowhow available within different departments and research groups 

  • Inspire students with relevant case studies