Congratulations to all those who graduated from our Group!

Last week we celebrated the achievements of our graduating students and those entering the final stages of their education. In Lord Lee (top left), who worked with Christian and Josephine on the “Topology optimization for reduced embodied carbon design” of hybrid timber-steel structures in collaboration with the Carstensen Group at MIT received the Robert Bird Award for the Best Research Project in Structures. Elizabeth Yang (top middle), who worked with Christian and Gabriele on “Structural modelling of digitally manufactured OSB beams” in collaboration with Wikihouse, was awarded the Sparkes-Pippard Prize for the Best MEng Student in Structural Engineering. Abdallah Almanzalawy (top right), who undertook the enourmous challenge of the “Seismic damage identification of the iconic structure of Hagia Sophia” also graduated with a MEng. Besides, Wun, Kuldeep, Cavin, Amanath, Gregor, Prame, Luke, Wei, Yu and Zammil (bottom right) received the Peter Fraenkel Prize for the Best Group Design Project for their design of a “New Office Building in Central London” conducted under the supervision of Christian together with Chris and Tom from WSP. Well done to all of you! It was great to applaud you from the stage during your graduation. We will continue cheering up for you wherever your career takes you!