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  • Journal article
    Brunckhorst O, Shahid S, Aydin A, Khan S, McIlhenny C, Brewin J, Sahai A, Bello F, Kneebone R, Khan MS, Dasgupta P, Ahmed Ket al., 2015,

    The Relationship Between Technical And Nontechnical Skills Within A Simulation-Based Ureteroscopy Training Environment

    , JOURNAL OF SURGICAL EDUCATION, Vol: 72, Pages: 1039-1044, ISSN: 1931-7204
  • Conference paper
    Coates L, Weldon S-M, Rodrigues A, Bello F, Kneebone Ret al., 2015,

    Simulation as a public engagement: Engaging children in medicine and science in some surprising places

    , International Pediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops
  • Conference paper
    Weldon S, Woodward P, Granados A, Coates L, Kelay T, Kneebone R, Bello Fet al., 2015,

    Future of Technology: The latest in simulation technology

    , RCGP - City Health Safeguarding the Future
  • Conference paper
    Paice E, Weldon S-M, Ralhan S, Bello F, Kneebone Ret al., 2015,

    Patient produced simulation for education and training

    , International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare
  • Journal article
    Korkiakangas T, Weldon S, Bezemer J, 2015,

    Video-supported Simulation for Interactions in the Operating Theatre (ViSIOT).

    , Clinical Simulation in Nursing, ISSN: 1876-1399

    This article introduces a data-grounded simulation model for training social interaction strategies to operating theatre nurses. Video-supported Simulation for Interactions in the Operating Theatre (ViSIOT) draws on original video-based research on teamwork in the operating theatres in the UK. The objective of the ViSIOT model is to improve verbal and non-verbal interactions between nurses and surgeons that often fall outside explicit training. These involve visual monitoring of colleagues, verbal responsiveness, speaking up about distractions, and seeking prompt clarification when needed. The model includes two scenarios and video-supported debriefing, which utilises authentic research footage from the operating theatres. In the paper, the strategies are briefly communicated and implications for training are discussed.

  • Conference paper
    Brunckhorst O, Shahid S, Aydin A, McIlhenny C, Khan S, Syed JR, Sahai A, Brewin J, Bello F, Kneebone R, Khan MS, Dasgupta P, Ahmed Ket al., 2015,

    Training and assessing technical and non-technical skills for uretersocopy within a simulation-based curriculum - a randomised control trial

    , Annual Meeting of the Society-of-Academic-and-Research-Surgery (SARS(, Publisher: WILEY-BLACKWELL, Pages: 39-39, ISSN: 0007-1323
  • Journal article
    Rees-Lee J, Kneebone R, 2015,

    Cutting for a career; a discussion of the domains of surgical competence using expert bespoke tailoring as a metaphor for surgical practice

    , ADVANCES IN HEALTH SCIENCES EDUCATION, Vol: 20, Pages: 283-298, ISSN: 1382-4996
  • Conference paper
    Coates L, Woodward P, Granados A, Weldon S-M, Kelay T, Kneebone R, Bello Fet al., 2015,

    Educational Technology and Innovations to Training and Patient Care Using Simulation

    , HENWL Primary Care Educator Conference
  • Conference paper
    Weldon S, Bello F, Kneebone R, 2015,

    Sequential Simulation (SqS) Concept & Applications.

    , UK Simulation in Nursing Education Conference
  • Conference paper
    Rae AO, Khatib M, Sarker S, Bello Fet al., 2015,

    The Effect of a Computer Based Open Surgery Simulation of an Inguinal Hernia Repair on the Results of Cognitive Task Analysis Performance of Surgical Trainees: An Educational Trial

    , International Surgical Congress of the Association-of-Surgeons-of-Great-Britain-and-Ireland (ASGBI), Publisher: WILEY-BLACKWELL, Pages: 40-40, ISSN: 0007-1323
  • Journal article
    Costopoulos C, Kelay T, Ako E, Yasin M, Chan KL, Gold M, Kneebone R, Bello F, Malik ISet al., 2015,


    , CARDIOLOGY, Vol: 131, Pages: 70-70, ISSN: 0008-6312
  • Journal article
    Brenton H, Woodward P, Gillies M, Birns J, Ames D, Bello Fet al., 2015,

    Linking Aetiology with Social Communication in a Virtual Stroke Patient

    , INTELLIGENT VIRTUAL AGENTS, IVA 2015, Vol: 9238, Pages: 270-274, ISSN: 0302-9743
  • Conference paper
    Weldon S-M, Coates L, Kneebone R, Bello Fet al., 2014,

    Hounslow Whole System Integrated Model of Care Sequential Simulation (SqS) Workshops

    , Health Education North West London - Simulation: Is a New Approach Needed? Conference
  • Conference paper
    Weldon S, Coates L, Granados A, Woodward P, Kelay T, Kneebone R, Bello Fet al., 2014,

    Collaborative Clinical Education

    , Health Education North West London - Simulation: Is a New Approach Needed?
  • Journal article
    Runnacles J, Thomas L, Sevdalis N, Kneebone R, Arora Set al., 2014,

    Development of a tool to improve performance debriefing and learning: the paediatric Objective Structured Assessment of Debriefing (OSAD) tool

    , POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL, Vol: 90, Pages: 613-621, ISSN: 0032-5473
  • Journal article
    Kneebone R, 2014,

    The art of medicine Escaping Babel: the surgical voice

    , LANCET, Vol: 384, Pages: 1179-1180, ISSN: 0140-6736
  • Conference paper
    Weldon S, Korkiakangas T, Bezemer J, Kneebone Ret al., 2014,

    Communication and Team Work in the Operating Theatre: Challenges and Opportunities

    , A multi-disciplinary seminar with health care professionals and social scientists
  • Journal article
    Korkiakangas T, Weldon S-M, Bezemer J, Kneebone Ret al., 2014,

    Nurse-surgeon object transfer: Video analysis of communication and situation awareness in the operating theatre

    , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NURSING STUDIES, Vol: 51, Pages: 1195-1206, ISSN: 0020-7489
  • Journal article
    Khatib M, Hald N, Brenton H, Barakat MF, Sarker SK, Standfield N, Ziprin P, Kneebone R, Bello Fet al., 2014,

    Validation of open inguinal hernia repair simulation model: a randomized controlled educational trial

    , AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SURGERY, Vol: 208, Pages: 295-301, ISSN: 0002-9610
  • Conference paper
    Kneebone R, Cope A, Weldon S, 2014,

    Performing Surgery: Practice and Reconstruction

    , Rethinking Patent Cultures

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