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The EPSRC funded HexMat programme grant (EP/K034332/1) ran from 2013-2018, lead by Professor Fionn Dunne (Imperial College). It was tasked to develop state-of-the-art understanding and researchers focussing on metals with hexagonal close packed structures (predominantly titanium used for aerospace and zirconium for nuclear power). This consortia involved the Departments of Materials and Mechanical Engineering, as well as the Institute of Shock Physics at Imperial College. It also drew together researchers from the University of Oxford and the University of Manchester; and worked closely with major companies, including Westinghouse, EdF, Rolls-Royce, and Timet. 

To find out how the programme has provided the UK and global communities a huge step forward to realise more benefits from these hugely important engineering alloys please visit the HexMat website: HexMat website