Five minutes with Dr Céire CostelloeNon-Clinical Lecturer

Céire Costelloe

1.  Tell us about your research in a nutshell.

My research focuses on Antimicrobial Resistant infections (AMR).  I utilise statistical, epidemiological and data visualisation methods to describe and predict infection risk at an individual and a population level.  Key to my research is the use of real-world healthcare data to produce these models, which informs the development and evaluation of interventions which can reduce the problem of AMR infections and ultimately be of benefit to patients.

2.  What impact could your research have for our industry partners?

AMR is a leading global healthcare challenge affecting the health and the wealth of the worlds population. Left unchecked it is estimated that the death toll due to AMR could be 10million by 2050, costing the world 3.5% of the world GDP. 
It is essential that governments around the world act quickly to combat this threat. A key problem is understanding what factors influence AMR at both an individual, population and global level and this is what my research seeks to address. Understanding these risks allows policies to be developed which reduce the problem of AMR.

3.  Who/what sectors would be interested in hearing more about your research?

Public health
Healthcare sectors




big data to tackle antimicrobial resistance | Céire Costelloe at WEF

Dr. Céire Costelloe presents at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of Young Champions 2017 in Dalian, China