I would like support to...

Apply my research to industry

Industry partnerships and commercialisation
Support to apply your research to real-world challenges through collaborative research with industry, licencing and startups. 

Consultancy, commercial and non-core projects
Support, from brief to billing, whatever the size or type of project. Imperial Consultants will negotiate the price, scope and a secure contract – plus we’ll provide indemnity insurance.

Funding opportunities
This new resource lists funding opportunities for technology development or research with industry applications from research councils, companies and other organisations.

Launch a startup

Forming a startup
Learn about the process of forming an academic-led startup at Imperial.

The Imperial Venture Mentoring Service, an advisory service for academic and student startups from mentors ready to share their wealth of contacts and entrepreneurship experience.

Techcelerate and MedTech SuperConnector
Accelerator programmes for early-career researchers, with resources and training to help turn ideas arising from research into businesses.

White City Incubator
A startup community that comes with office and state-of-the-art lab space.

Prototyping facilities
The Advanced HackSpace, a unique community of makers, hackers, inventors and entrepreneurs, supported by experts and an extensive suite of prototyping equipment.

Manage a project

Research project management
Support for those leading EU Horizon 2020 or government funded projects. The Programme Managment Office helps secure funding, handle budgets and resources and then promote your outcome through websites and events.

Support to launch new academic-led ventures, from the Academic and Technology Ventures team.

Knowledge & Innovation Communities (KIC)
Strategic guidance, robust governance and evaluation for EIT-funded projects - and help with proposal development, forming partnerships and gaining approvals.