Imperial Consultants

"What’s the point of research being hidden away in universities when it could be much more relevant out in the real world, potentially changing people’s lives?”- Dr Sunday Popo-Ola, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Create impact through consultancy

Imperial Consultants was created by the College over 30 years ago to outsource the expertise of its academics for the benefit of industry and society - and raise the profile of Imperial and its staff. 

Over the last five years, our professional team has supported academics like you deliver 1750 projects, to 1100 clients, with 40% delivered outside the UK, in more than 60 countries.  

The following pages explain: 

  • how you, your team and your students can benefit from consulting
  • how Imperial Consultants support you throughout the lifecycle of your consultancy projects
  • what your colleagues think about consulting through Imperial Consultants 

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