Dr N McintyreProf H Wheater, Ms B Orellana, Mr I Pechlivanidis

The general objective of this research project is to close the gap between current best practices for continuous-time rainfall-runoff modelling, developed for lumped model application, and those now required for support of semi-distributed modelling for water resources and flood management by delivering methodological guidance about model selection, calibration and uncertainty, and a supporting modelling toolkit. A semi-distributed version of the RRMT software has been developed, allowing investigation of the optimal and efficient representation of spatial heterogeneities (e.g. rainfall, land-cover and geology) at sub-catchment scale.

Orellana et al. 2008. A toolbox for the identification of parsimonious semi-distributed rainfall-runoff models: application to the Upper Lee catchment.  Proc. of  4th Meeting iEMSs. Barcelona, Jul 7-10, 2008

Pechlivanidis et al. 2008. The significance of spatial variability of rainfall on runoff. Proc. of  4th Biennial Meeting of iEMSs. Barcelona, July 7-10, 2008