Learn to lead conservation programmes to tackle global biodiversity challenges.

How effective are the world’s protected areas at saving our species? How does conservation impact people? How can we promote biodiversity within urban areas?

If these critical biodiversity questions and challenges that face the world today inspire you to join the new generation of conservation scientists and practitioners, this could be the course for you.

You’ll balance interactive and engaging online activities with intensive in-person work to learn the fundamentals of biodiversity conservation and how to manage, deliver and evaluate the impacts of conservation programmes. You’ll be taught by scientists and practitioners from around the world and learn the tools and frameworks for tackling conservation problems effectively, thoughtfully, and ethically.

Fieldwork on the course will give you the opportunity to put your theoretical skills and knowledge into practice and give you the ability to strengthen these skills by completing an independent research project in an area of your interest. You can carry out your project in conjunction with an outside organisation in the UK or abroad.

The skills you have the opportunity to develop will equip you to become a conservation pioneer devoted to solving sustainability and environmental problems in a range of academic, research, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

This course is predominantly delivered via remote, live lectures and seminars, enabling us to connect you to world leaders in conservation science and practice from around the world. This is complemented by two intensive in-person teaching periods (roughly 2-3 weeks in October and January/February) delivered at the Centre for Environmental Policy in South Kensington. This provides students with the flexibility of interactive remote teaching alongside the benefits of in-person teaching via practicals, fieldtrips, and seminars.