Thursday evening Policy Seminars

As part of the MSc course, the Centre holds a regular series of Thursday evening Policy Seminars given by a range of speakers from areas including government, industry and non-government organisations who come to talk about their particular involvement in the environmental field. These seminars are of great value, as they provide a prime opportunity for informal socialising and networking.

External speakers range from international experts to course alumni, with their contribution ensuring coverage of current issues, the possibility of placement-style dissertation research and an invaluable source of job announcements. 

All seminars will take place from 17.00 – 18:00 UK time. The location will be confirmed on the calendar invite, which is sent out weekly. All students are expected to attend.

Core Course


 Ashley Bateson, Hoare Lea: The influence of cultural values on sustainable building performance


 Dirk Wilyman and Olly Morgan, Orsted: An Introduction to Offshore Wind and Careers in the Energy Sector


 Corin Simmons, SLR: Biodiversity net gain; principles and problems in an international context


 Patrick Markey-Bell, Natural England: Managing landscapes, big and small, for people and nature


 Mingyou Yang, London Metal Exchange: Metals for a Sustainable Future: LME's Commitment to Responsible Sourcing


Dr Bahram Ghiasse, Unviersity of Surrey: The Efficacy of International Law in Protecting the Environment and Ecological Systems Against Radioactivity


 Client Earth- Law and Planet: the next generation of climate leaders 


 Sarahjane Widdowson, INTELISOS LTD: Are you ready for the Green Skills Revolution?


Professor Rachel Aldred, University of Westminster: Changes in motor traffic inside London’s Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) and on boundary roads


 Professor Andy Purvis, Natural History Museum: Can we stop the global decline of biodiversity?


Spring term



Douglas Miller, Systems Entrepreneur: Changing the choice context & building new levers for climate aligned decisions 


Ahmed AIJameel, Eirini Sampson, Elsy Milan and Judy Xie, PhD students at Imperial College London: COP 28


Allan Barton, Arup: Circular Ecology and Circular Economy: Treasuring the planet’s resources for the future


William Sutherland, University of Cambridge: Why is decision making so poor and how can it be improved?


James Lloyd-Jones, Jones Food Company Limited: Vertical Farming in the real world, becoming and Agricultural assets 


Leo Murray, Possible : Riders on the storm


Christian Krekel, LSE: Back to Edgeworth? Estimating the Value of Time Using Hedonic Experiences


Gbemi Oluleye, Imperial College London: A Comprehensive Approach to Enhance Electrolytic Hydrogen Competitiveness in the UK


Peter Shearman, Cisco: An innovator’s experience of Smart Cities


Summer term


Rob Holland, Oil Spill Response Limited 


Morgan Gillespy, Food and Land Use Coalition

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