Professor Chris Baker

Quantum enabled radar will have a high impact on the air traffic surveillance industry as it will enable the detection of small, slow moving objects such as drones and birds at longer distances and in more cluttered environments such as urban areas. Quantum enabled radar uses quantum oscillators within a classical, holographic radar system for substantially increased performance. However, to build and deploy distributed surveillance systems with quantum enabled radar we require new design, modelling, simulation and processing methods.

Each innovation stage has a substantial mathematical component and fresh thinking is required on how to tackle these challenges. You are invited to join us for an introductory seminar (Thursday 23 July, 12:00 – 13:00hrs) on this topic with our guests Professor Chris Baker and Dr Mohammad Jahangir, world known specialists in radar systems. 

We are opening a dialogue between the mathematical community and scientists working on this technology with a view to explore potential collaboration initiatives. Those interested are invited to join us for a follow-up discussion between 13:30 and 15:00hrs on the same day.

Prof. Christopher Baker holds the University of Birmingham chair in intelligent sensor systems and is also the Chief Technology Officer of Aveillant Ltd. Prior to this he was the Ohio State Research Scholar in Integrated Sensor Systems at The Ohio State University. Until June 2011 he was the Dean and Director of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the Australian National University (ANU). Before this he held the Thales-Royal Academy of Engineering Chair of intelligent radar systems based at University College London. He has been actively engaged in radar systems research since 1984 and is the author of over three hundred publications. His research interests include, coherent radar techniques, radar signal processing, radar signal interpretation, electronically scanned radar systems, radar imaging, natural and cognitive echo locating systems. He is the recipient of the IEE Mountbatten premium (twice), the IEE Institute premium and is a Fellow of the IET and the IEEE.

Mohammed Jahangir (B.Sc. Ph.D., C.Eng, MIET) is currently Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham Quantum Technology Hub and is leading the development of a fully coherent networked Gamekeeper radar system using advance timing devices. He graduated with 1st class honours from Imperial College and obtained his PhD from UCL in 2000. He has nearly three decades experience of working on many aspects of surveillance radar. In his early career he worked at DERA/QinetiQ Malvern and lately for Thales Aveillant where he has specialised in staring holographic radar for wind farm mitigation and drone surveillance. He has over 40 publications and produced several patents.

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