View looking up through a tree

Grantham Institute Senior Lecturer and ecologist Dr Bonnie Waring is taking part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything.

Dr Waring’s research focuses on how the ecology of plant and soil microbial communities influences the carbon cycle and its feedbacks on climate change. Read a Q&A with Dr Bonnie Waring about is tree planting the answer to climate change?

Tune in to Reddit at 16:00 on Wednesday 18 November, where she will be answering questions live.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for the link.

About London Climate Action Week

As part of London Climate Action Week, the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London will host a Reddit AMA discussion on this emerging natural solution to fighting climate change. This event will address how much carbon different types of forests can store, and evaluate best practices for balancing reforestation, afforestation, and forest conservation based on the three Ws;

  • Where to plant trees;
  • What tree species are ecologically suited to the site;
  • Who are the local stakeholders who will be affected by changes in land use.

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