Friends playing a pub quiz

No pub, no problem! Assemble your team of thinkers and drinkers to pit fact against fiction in our Pub-less Quiz.

It’s time to shine a little light on sun science.

Your host Imperial’s Maeve O’Sullivan has a quiz for you about all things bright and shiny. There’ll be smatterings of astronomy, history, art, and as always, a ‘wild card’ round to keep you all entertained.

In this edition of the Pub-less Quiz we are joined by guest researchers Reshma Rao and Brian Tam.

Reshma works on technologies that enable storage of intermittent solar energy in chemical bonds (i.e. as ‘solar fuels’), which can then be used to power cars, houses and industry on-demand.

Brian is also trying to harness energy from the Sun, and studies materials that help the chemical reactions involved in decomposing water (H2O) into its constituent hydrogen and oxygen.

We’ll learn more about Reshma and Brian during our special Researcher Round, but if there’s something you really want to know, you can submit questions for them in the registration form for this event or on the night via our YouTube chat.

So, don your thinking caps (or drinking caps) and enter the virtual Imperial Arms for a spoonful of Thursday-night entertainment. See you there!

How it works

This is a team-based quiz! Before the quiz begins you will need to decide on a team name and a team leader, who will be responsible for submitting your team’s scores.

Teams are flexible. You can play on your own, with other people within your household, or with friends and family remotely. If you are playing in a remote team, we recommend setting up a WhatsApp group that you can use to discuss answers.

On the night of the quiz, please join the online event five minutes ahead of the 19.30 start time to make sure that you don’t miss any points!

Imperial Lates Online 

This event is part of Imperial Lates Online: The Sun. Tune in for a week-long celebration of the Sun and its life-giving energy as we take a scientific journey into the heart of our star from 15-18 March. 

Imperial Lates Online are most suitable for over 18s. 


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