Physics loving CERN artist in residence Helen Cawley is joined by Imperial astrophysicists Dr Emma Chapman, Ian Hothi and Kimeel Sooknunan for this stellar science-art workshop. Create your own Sun prints and solar collages and join a discussion into how art can help us visualise what we cannot see.

This event is inspired by the artistic, scientific and everyday inspirations behind Dr Chapman’s new book First Light, which pieces together the story of the first Suns of the Universe. As you make your Sun art, we will hear the story of these mysterious, ancient giant balls of hot gas, up to 1000 times the size of our Sun that created everything our world is made of today. As you colour, cut and stick, Emma, Ian and Kimeel will explain how radio astronomy is revealing their story from the impacts they had on future generations of stars, including our own Sun.

For the creative workshop you will need:

For the artistic element of tonight’s session, you will need in front of you the following items

  • Normal A4 or sugar paper if you have some

  • Some old magazines

  • Scissors

  • Pritt stick or glue

N.B. You can also use a ruler and pencil or masking tape for the collage guidelines if you have them. If you need a bit of time to gather these items feel free to pause this live broadcast and press play when you are ready.

Imperial Lates Online 

This event is part of Imperial Lates Online: The Sun. Tune in for a week-long celebration of the Sun and its life-giving energy as we take a scientific journey into the heart of our star from 15-18 March. 

Imperial Lates Online are most suitable for over 18s. 

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