EVOLVE is a multi-disciplinary program of research between the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment and the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, UK. It stands for Electric Vehicle fleet Optimisation for Lowering Vehicle Emissions.

In order for electric vehicles to fulfil their role in climate protection, building and operating efficient and effective electric vehicle infrastructures is crucial. EVOLVE generates urgently needed engineering data-driven solutions for the development of these infrastructures. It also supports the implementation of emerging urban e-mobility practises.

Research projects

EVOLVE revolves around several research projects that we carry out in collaboration with partners in the UK, France, and Turkey. These projects are listed below for more information about what we do.

  • EVO-SIM - Developing scientific software tools to evaluate expansion strategies for public EV charging infrastructures.
  • EVO-DRIVE - Conducting field experiments to capture current and future electric mobility habits.
  • EVO-CAB - Creating models for taxi-fleet electrification and measuring its impact on public charging network in urban areas.
  • EVO-X - Designing an orchestration framework to manage knowledge exchange in e-mobility ecosystem.


Shifting transportation away from dependency on oil products and introducing innovative technologies for commuting is paramount to meeting internationally agreed climate change mitigation targets and to achieving local clean-air policy goals. Electric vehicles are considered an essential tool in this context. The demand for a rapid change towards using electric vehicles, however, brings new challenges for local communities as city infrastructures need to adapt fast. EVOLVE supports this ongoing transition by creating state-of-the-art software solutions. 


EVOLVE projects have been supported by funding research from Imperial College London and UK Research and Innovation Research England grants.