We are recruiting M.Phil/Ph.D. students in the following research areas:

  • Photovoltaics
  • Energy Efficient Materials
  • Plasmonics and Metamaterials
  • Plastic Electronics
  • Imaging and Spectroscopy
  • Nanotechnology
  • Magnetic Materials
  • Optoelectronics
  • Materials Growth and Processing

Open Days

Discover the ways you can visit Imperial. The Department of Physics also holds its own postgraduate open day.

Please contact Dr Will Branford if you have further research questions.

If you are interested to apply to the Experimental Solid State Group, general enquires please contact Bethany Mountford

Available places for October 2023 start

We are currently actively recruiting students for several projects October 2023 intake.

The list of the new projects for Oct 2023 is available here: Description of Ph.D. Projects in EXSS for Oct 2023 Entry

How to apply

To apply to the Experimental Solid State Physics group you must complete an online application form via My Imperial. Enter 'Experimental Solid State Physics' in the Research Group field to ensure that your application reaches us.

Find out more about the postgraduate doctoral admissions process.

Unless you have a very specific idea about a project and supervisor in advance, we encourage you to be as general as possible under the 'proposed research topic' heading in your application. Please list supervisors who you would be interested in meeting. This will give you as much opportunity as possible to learn about the range of projects on offer. For your research proposal we also welcome personal statements.

Successful applicants will be contacted by an EXSS representative for an interview.


Interviews generally take place on Wednesday afternoons either online va Teams or Skype. You may also need to apply for a scholarship to cover fees and your living expenses. Further information on scholarships is posted on the Postgraduate Scholarships page and you are encouraged to discuss your scholarship application as soon as possible with the EXSS member whose project you are interested in working on.