By submitting an expense claim to the College, through any method the claimant* certifies that:

  • Expenditure shown above has been incurred by them wholly, necessarily and exclusively for the purposes of the College's business.
  • Any monies advanced by the College have been deducted from the final claim.
  • Only reimbursement of actual costs is sought; there is no element of profit.
  • No part of the claim relates to holidays, or private business activities.
  • Any cost relating to the travel costs for partners, family or others who are not employees engaged on College business have been deducted.
  • Nothing included in the claim has been previously claimed from the College or from any other person.
  • If the claim relates to the use of a private vehicle for business travel (e.g. mileage claims), the College's motor policy [Finance Knowledge Bank; requires College login] has been complied with.

* Note that the claimant is the person making the claim, who will receive the reimbursement/payment, regardless of who actually completes the claim form or submits the claim in My Expenses.