Students who are undertaking a placement abroad as part of their degree programme (or undergraduates undertaking a vacation internship abroad for extra-ECTS credit) should first consult their academic department, and refer to the placement information for students. In particular, students travelling abroad on a placement should read the Placements Abroad Handbook, which includes information on the College’s Overseas Travel Insurance.

COVID-19 Student oversea travel and Student Placements Abroad: College Travel Insurance Guidance

All information provided in the FAQs below are current at the time the information was updated on this webpage. 

The College currently advise limiting student travel to only that which is essential for study reasons, whether the host country is an exempted country or not. The insurance policy is defined by FCDO advice. Your department will consider whether your travel plans or placement is “essential”. Read the relevant FAQs below.

If you are currently abroad for study reasons, the travel insurance policy will continue to cover emergency medical expenses (except where you are located in your Country of Residence) and is expected to cover the cost for repatriation to the UK (where the UK is your Country of Residence) or your Country of Residence (where not the UK).  However, please note a.) there is a UK governmental policy exclusion, whereby claims including repatriation made as a result of non-UK Government regulations are NOT covered; and b.) to reaffirm that if you are in your Country of Residence (studying remotely for the placement provider, including a host study abroad university, in the same or different country) then you are NOT covered by emergency medical expenses nor repatriation cover. Read the relevant FAQs below.

General enquiries about the Travel Insurance

Consult the College Travel Insurance intranet page  (requires College login/password)

You can consult general guidance on undertaking a placement, including a Placements Abroad Handbook (which includes a commentary on the normal cover provided by the College’s travel insurance policy)

On the matter of “placements”,  should the information presented here not answer your query then you can address any further queries to