Payslips have been made available to view online to all members of staff using smartphones and tablets via the Imperial Mobile app, as well as via ICIS on desktop computers.

The app can be downloaded in IOS and Android versions from the App store and Google Play store respectively, for other devices, web versions of payslips can be viewed online.

How to access your payslip online

Access to your payslip on a smartphone is available via Imperial Mobile.

You will see these options:

  1. Web version (works on any mobile phone and no download is required)
  2. Two Imperial Mobile app options for iPhone or Android (both require download and installation).

Select the option which suits you best; for older phone models we recommend using the web version.

If you are accessing Imperial Mobile for the first time, select Student/Staff profile, accept Terms of Use and enter your College username and password.

If you have had the Imperial Mobile app for some time please logout and login again to refresh your view this will add the Your pay tile. (Re-install the app for the latest version.)

Follow these instructions:

  • Find Your pay tile on the homescreen.
  • Clicking on Your pay tile will open a new screen
  • Enter your College username and password
  • Scroll down to see your last payslip.
  • For previous payslips scroll down to the bottom. You can select a year to view. To open monthly payslips click on the + sign.
  • If you don’t see the data you are expecting switch off ‘Use dummy data’.
  • To navigate back to the homescreen of the Imperial Mobile use your device back button.

If you have problems please contact the ICT Service Desk.