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Last updated: 14.06.2017

Researchers involved

  • Dr Shahid Mughal

    Dr Shahid Mughal

    Personal details

    Dr Shahid Mughal Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

    Research interests

    Hydrodynamic Instability. Linear and Nonlinear Receptivity. Laminar-Turbulent Boundary Layer Transition Modelling and Flow Control.

  • Prof Anatoly Ruban

    Prof Anatoly Ruban

    Personal details

    Prof Anatoly Ruban Chair in Applied Maths and Mathematical Physics

    Research interests

    Theoretical and computational analysis of high Reynolds number flows, incompressible and compressible, with main focus in two areas: laminar-turbulent transition in boundary layer, and boundary-layer separation from a rigid body surface

  • Prof Peter Schmid

    Prof Peter Schmid

    Personal details

    Prof Peter Schmid Chair in Applied Mathematics

  • Dr Andrew Walton

    Dr Andrew Walton

    Personal details

    Dr Andrew Walton Senior Lecturer

    Research interests

    Hydrodynamic stability (both linear & nonlinear); Stability of parallel and nearly-parallel flows. Internal flows; Transition to turbulence in internal and external flows

  • Prof Xuesong Wu

    Prof Xuesong Wu

    Personal details

    Prof Xuesong Wu Professor of Applied Mathematics

    Research interests

    Boundary layer theory; Hydrodynamic instability; Laminar-turbulent transition; Nonlinear waves; Aeroacoustics; Combustion instability