Low-energy building ventilation

Started: Jan 2017
Supervisor: Burridge, H.CHughes, G.

Description of Research

Natural ventilation is an environmental and economic method of attaining adequate indoor air quality. People spend most of their time in buildings where they are exposed to high levels of pollutants, gases, allergens and bacteria. Natural ventilation relies on freely available sources of energy, such as temperature differences and the wind around the building. In order to provide suitable indoor air quality, a detailed understanding of the fundamental physics behind the movement of air and its interaction with enclosed geometries is necessary. This research aims to investigate some of the physical aspects of buoyancy driven ventilation, in order to produce mathematical models that realistically describe the physics of ventilated enclosed geometries. This research will help in the design process of healthy and energy efficient buildings.


Daniel holds an MSc degree in Energy Engineering from Aalborg University, Denmark. 

Daniel Fiuza DosilPhD Candidate - Fluid Mechanics 
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 
Imperial College London SW7 2AZ