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  • Conference paper
    Bell RE, 2007,

    Fault development and basin evolution in an active continental rift: the Gulf ofCorinth

    , Geological Society, Bicentenary
  • Journal article
    Whittaker AC, Cowie PA, Attal M, Tucker GE, Roberts Get al., 2007,

    Characterising the transient response of rivers crossing active normal faults: New field observations from Italy

    , BASIN RESEARCH, Vol: 19, Pages: 529-556
  • Journal article
    Whittaker AC, Cowie PA, Attal M, Tucker GE, Roberts Get al., 2007,

    Bedrock channel adjustment to tectonic forcing: Implications for predicting river incision rates

    , GEOLOGY, Vol: 35, Pages: 103-106
  • Journal article
    Wells MR, Allison PA, Piggott MD, Gorman GJ, Hampson GJ, Pain CC, Fang Fet al., 2007,

    Numerical modeling of tides in the late Pennsylvanian Midcontinent seaway of North America with implications for hydrography and sedimentation

    , JOURNAL OF SEDIMENTARY RESEARCH, Vol: 77, Pages: 843-865, ISSN: 1527-1404

    A novel numerical model (the Imperial College Ocean Model, ICOM) is used to simulate tidal circulation in shallow epicontinental seas connected to large, open oceans. ICOM is validated using the present-day North Sea and applied to predict tidal range in the late Pennsylvanian Midcontinent Seaway (LPMS) of North America. The model simulates the effect of the principal tidal constituents (astronomical tides) as well as the tide propagating from the adjacent open ocean (co- oscillating tide). Two ‘‘base-case’’ Pennsylvanian paleogeographies were tested: (1) a maximum sea-level highstand and (2) the early stages of a transgression. Sensitivity tests determined the importance of paleo-water depth and coastline uncertainty on the prediction of tidal range. During the highstand, tidal ranges in the craton interior (Midcontinent Shelf, Illinois and Appalachian basins) are consistently predicted as microtidal (, 2 m tidal range). Such low tidal ranges would have inhibited water-body mixing in the LPMS, promoting stratification. This, combined with the influx of oxygen-poor water from the Permian Basin to the west and high organic input from tropical rivers, may have contributed to the deposition of ‘‘core’’ black shales in LPMS cyclothems. Conversely, a mesotidal to macrotidal diurnal (once-daily tide) regime is predicted for the early transgression in a large-scale embayment in eastern Kansas due to resonant amplification of diurnal tidal constituents. Pennsylvanian strata here have been ascribed to a mesotidal to macrotidal setting and include cyclic rhythmites that suggest a strongly diurnal system, as predicted by ICOM.

  • Book chapter
    Jackson, CA-L, 2007,

    The geometry, distribution and development of clastic injections in slope systems: seismic examples from the Upper Cretaceous Kyrre Formation, Maloy Slope, Norwegian Margin

    , Sand injectites: implications for hydrocarbon exploration and production, Editors: Hurst, Cartwright J, Pages: 37-48
  • Conference paper
    Taborda S, Zdravkovic L, Kontoe S, 2007,

    The importance of cyclic nonlinear models in dynamic finite element analysis

    , Netherlands, 10th Symposium on Numerical Models in Geomechanics, Publisher: Balkema, Pages: 743-749
  • Journal article
    Liu JG, Morgan GLK, 2006,

    FFT selective and adaptive filtering for removal of systematic noise in ETM plus imageodesy images

    , IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING, Vol: 44, Pages: 3716-3724, ISSN: 0196-2892
  • Conference paper
    Grammatikopoulou A, Zdravkovic L, Potts DM, 2006,

    The pre-failure deformation of an embankment predicted by two kinematic hardening models

    , Pages: 447-453

    This paper presents a comparison of the pre-failure behaviour of an embankment when its clay foundation is modelled with two kinematic hardening models. The paper shows that the pre-failure deformations are not only influenced by non-linearity but also by the stiffness response predicted in both compression and extension paths. © 2006 Taylor & Francis Group.

  • Conference paper
    Vaughan PR, Standing J, Zdravkovic L, 2006,

    The effect of compaction on bulk permeability of stiff clay and mudrock - Field experience from embankment dams

    , Pages: 797-807

    The permeability of in-situ clays and soft mud rocks is strongly affected by slightly open fissures. These are difficult to discover from site investigation as the permeability of the parent intact material Is very low. This is measured by laboratory tests and, often, by in-situ tests. It is difficult to prove the absence of open fissures and low bulk permeability. This causes uncertainty in the use of these materials as impermeable seals. However, field experience is that when these materials are placed as fills using modern plant, a uniform low permeability results. There is much experience in the construction of the cores and fills of embankment dams. This experience is reviewed.

  • Journal article
    Goldin TJ, Wunnemann K, Melosh HJ, Collins GSet al., 2006,

    Hydrocode modeling of the Sierra Madera impact structure

    , METEORIT PLANET SCI, Vol: 41, Pages: 1947-1958, ISSN: 1086-9379
  • Journal article
    Power PW, Pain CC, Piggott MD, Fang F, Gorman GJ, Umpleby AP, Goddard AJH, Navon IMet al., 2006,

    Adjoint A Posteriori Error Measures for Anisotropic Mesh Optimisation

    , Computers & Mathematics with Applications, Vol: 52, Pages: 1213-1242
  • Journal article
    Liu JG, Haselwimmer CE, 2006,

    Co-seismic ruptures found up to 60 km south of the Kunlun fault after 14 November 2001, Ms 8.1, Kokoxili earthquake using Landsat-7 ETM+ imagery

    , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING, Vol: 27, Pages: 4461-4470, ISSN: 0143-1161
  • Journal article
    Edwards D, Potts D, Zdravkovic L, 2006,

    Paper: The bearing capacity of a circular footing under 'punch-through' failure

    , Ground Engineering, Vol: 39, Pages: 42-44, ISSN: 0017-4653

    Finite element analyses performed with the Imperial College Finite Element Program (ICFEP) were carried out to perform a parametric study of the bearing capacity of a circular footing on layered clays. Eight noded isoparametric solid elements and six noded, zero thickness interface elements were used with reduced integration. A modified Newton-Raphson approach with an error controlled sub-stepping stress point algorithm was used to solve the non-linear FEAs. The data generated showed existing methods of analysis to predict overly conservative foundation capacities.

  • Journal article
    Higgs R, Wells MR, Allison PA, Piggott MD, Pain CC, Hampson GJ, de Oliveira CREet al., 2006,

    Discussion on large sea, small tides: the Late Carboniferous seaway of NW Europe

    , JOURNAL OF THE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY, Vol: 163, Pages: 893-895, ISSN: 0016-7649
  • Journal article
    Grammatikopoulou A, Zdravkovic L, Potts D M, 2006,

    General formulation of two kinematic hardening constitutive models with a smooth elastoplastic transition

    , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GEOMECHANICS, Vol: 6, Pages: 291-302, ISSN: 1532-3641
  • Journal article
    Saunders JH, Jackson MD, Pain CC, 2006,

    A new numerical model of electrokinetic potential response during hydrocarbon recovery

  • Conference paper
    Bland PA, Jackson MD, Coker RF, Cohen BA, Benedix GKet al., 2006,

    Why asteroidal alteration was isochemical: High porosity not equal high permeability

    , 69th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, Pages: A22-A22, ISSN: 1086-9379
  • Journal article
    Pain CC, Eaton MD, Smedley-Stevenson RP, Goddard AJH, Piggott MD, de Oliveira CREet al., 2006,

    Streamline upwind Petrov-Galerkin methods for the steady-state Boltzmann transport equation

    , Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol: 195, Pages: 4448-4472, ISSN: 0045-7825
  • Journal article
    Pain CC, Eaton MD, Smedley-Stevenson RP, Goddard AJH, Piggott MD, de Oliveira CREet al., 2006,

    Space-time streamline upwind Petrov-Galerkin methods for the Boltzmann transport equation

    , Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol: 195, Pages: 4334-4357, ISSN: 0045-7825
  • Journal article
    Capitanio FA, Goes S, 2006,

    Mesozoic spreading kinematics: consequences for Cenozoic Central and Western Mediterranean subduction

    , GEOPHYSICAL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL, Vol: 165, Pages: 804-816, ISSN: 0956-540X

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