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  • Conference paper
    Budd CJ, Piggott MD, 2000,

    Geometric integration and its applications

    , Reading, Proceedings of European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting: Workshop on Developments in numerical methods for very high resolution global models, Publisher: ECMWF, Pages: 93-118
  • Journal article
    Pearson T, Liu JG, Lee H, 2000,

    Detection Of Rapid Erosion In Southeast Spain Using Ers Sar Interferometric Coherence Imagery

    , The Remote Sensing Society Newsletter
  • Conference paper
    Zdravkovic L, Potts DM, 2000,

    Advances in modelling soil anisotropy

    , Workshop on Constitutive Modelling of Granular Materials, Publisher: SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN, Pages: 491-521
  • Conference paper
    Ito Y, Hosokawa M, Lee H, Liu JGet al., 2000,

    Extraction of damaged regions using SAR data and neural networks

    , XIXth ISPRS Congress, International Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing, Amsterdam
  • Journal article
    Zdravkovic L, Jardine RJ, 2000,

    Undrained anisotropy of <i>K</i><sub>0</sub>-consolidated silt

    , Canadian Geotechnical Journal, Vol: 37, Pages: 178-200, ISSN: 0008-3674
  • Conference paper
    Lee H, Liu JG, 2000,

    Topographic Phase Corrected Coherence Estimation using Multi-pass Differential SAR Interferometry: Differential Coherence

    , International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS'00), Hawaii, USA, 24-28 July 2000, Pages: 776-778
  • Journal article
    Lehane BM, Chow FC, McCabe BA, Jardine RJet al., 2000,

    Relationships between shaft capacity of driven piles and CPT end resistance

    , Geotechnical Engineering, Vol: 143, Pages: 93-102
  • Journal article
    Morgan JV, Warner MR, Collins G, Melosh HJ, Christeson GLet al., 2000,

    Peak-ring formation in large impact craters: geophysical constraints from Chicxulub

    , Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Vol: 183, Pages: 347-354, ISSN: 0012-821X
  • Conference paper
    Liu JG, 2000,

    An evaluation of Landsat-7 ETM+ panchromatic band for spectral preserve image fusion to improve apparent spatial resolution of reflective spectral bands

    , 14th International Thematic Conference on Geoscience Remote Sensing, 6-8 November 2000, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Pages: 151-158
  • Journal article
    Jackson MD, Muggeridge AH, 2000,

    Effect of discontinuous shales on reservoir performance during horizontal waterflooding

    , SPE Journal, Vol: 5, Pages: 446-455, ISSN: 1086-055X
  • Journal article
    Kuwano R, Connolly TM, Jardine RJ, 2000,

    Anisotropic stiffness measurements in a stress path triaxial cell

    , ASTM Journal of Geotechnical Testing, Vol: 23, Pages: 141-157
  • Conference paper
    Liu JG, 2000,

    Image enhancement and interpretation of Landsat TM Lhasa scene for snow and permafrost zone mapping

    , 14th International Thematic Conference on Geoscience Remote Sensing, 6-8 November 2000, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Pages: 535-542
  • Conference paper
    Liu JG, Fiona H, Mason P, Lee Het al., 2000,

    A RS/GIS study of rapid erosion in SE Spain using ERS SAR multi-temporal interferometric coherence imagery

    , Remote sensing for agriculture, ecosystems, and hydrology II, 25-27/9/2000, Barcelona, Spain, Pages: 367-375
  • Journal article
    Jardine RJ, 2000,

    Some surprising results from research into the behaviour of piles driven in sand

    , Revista Italiano di Geotecnica, Vol: 43, Pages: 5-16
  • Journal article
    Liu JG, 2000,

    Smoothing Filter Based Intensity Modulation: a Spectral Preserve Image Fusion Technique for Improving Spatial Details

    , International Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol: 21, Pages: 3461-3472
  • Conference paper
    Blunt MJ, Jackson MD, 2000,

    Dynamic Upscaling from the Pore to the Reservoir Scale

    , 21st Annual International Energy Agency Workshop, Edinburgh, UK, 19-22 September
  • Journal article
    S Goes, W Spakman, H Bijwaard, 2000,

    Imaging mantle upwellings with seismic waves

    , Science Progess, Vol: 83, Pages: 261-275
  • Journal article
    Goes S, Spakman W, Bijwaard H, 1999,

    A lower mantle source for central European volcanism

    , SCIENCE, Vol: 286, Pages: 1928-1931, ISSN: 0036-8075
  • Conference paper
    Moore JM, Mason PJ, Davis AM, Eyers R, Liu JGet al., 1999,

    Geohazard monitoring in southeast spain using integrated imagery and digital elevation model.

    , Thirteenth Thematic Conference on Geologic Remote Sensing

    The semi-arid terrain of South-eastern Spain is vulnerable to geohazards,including flash-flood erosion, landslides and seismic risk. Developing urbanisation,quarrying and mining, road building and changing agricultural practices are affectedby geohazards and in some cases create them. For example, instability on new roadcuts and embankments, and ploughing of natural, regolith-soil surfaces renderspreviously stable terrain vulnerable to ‘badland’ gully erosion, soil loss and causesincreased reservoir siltation.This paper reports the results of a comparative study of the uses of LandsatTM, and SPOT Pan, in conjunction with a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) forgeohazard identification and mapping. We have also investigated aspects of geohazardscaused by changes in land use and infra-structure development since LandsatTM imagery became available in 1984.Study targets include: terrain at risk from mass movement ‘badland’ terrain in unconsolidated sediments disturbance of land surfaces by agricultural development. Expansion of communications infrastructure and quarrying in relation to naturalhazards.The methodology for integrated hazard mapping involves directed enhancement,merging and draping of multi-spectral, and panchromatic imagery with the DEM tocreate three dimensional image products for mapping. The paper concludes withrecommendations for combined image and DEM usage in geohazard assessment.

  • Conference paper
    Jardine RJ, Saldivar E, 1999,

    Alternative interpretation of the West Delta 58A tension-pile research results

    , Pages: 403-413, ISSN: 0160-3663

    This paper discusses pile experiments performed by others at the West Delta (WD) 58A site in the Gulf of Mexico. An alternative interpretation is offered to that published previously which focuses on: (i) the slickensided shear-surfaces observed around the pile shaft, (ii) hydraulic conductivity in the shear zone, (iii) hypothetical explanations for anomalously low long term radial effective stress measurements, (iv) applying the Imperial College pile design method to under-consolidated clay profiles, (v) a re-analysis of the WD 58A pile capacities and (vi) aspects of the cyclic loading tests. It is shown that almost all aspects of the WD 58A pile tests can be explained in terms of an 'effective stress - interface shear' framework.

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