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AB - In this study, the mechanical behaviour of a compacted clay in equilibrium with the atmospheric pressure was investigated. Samples of London Clay were compacted to the same initial conditions, corresponding to dry of optimum moisture content on a Proctor plot, and were taken along complex stress paths, involving wetting under a constant vertical stress, wetting under a condition of zero volumetric strain, and loading and unloading at a constant value of matric suction. Tests were performed with a combination of standard and osmotic oedometers-the latter developed specifically at Imperial College London to test unsaturated soils under atmospheric conditions. Samples taken along different hydration paths displayed similar post-yield behaviour when loaded at a constant suction, suggesting that common yield surface in the e: s: σv space (where e denotes void ratio, s is the matric suction, and σv is the vertical stress) controls the plastic volumetric behaviour of unsaturated London Clay during loading following monotonic hydration. © 2008 Taylor & Francis Group, London.
AU - Monroy,R
AU - Zdravkovic,L
AU - Ridley,A
EP - 320
PY - 2008///
SP - 315
TI - Volumetric behaviour of compacted London Clay during wetting and loading
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