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AB - Interaction between atmosphere and soil has only recently attracted significant interest. Soil-atmosphereinteraction takes place under dynamic climatic conditions, which vary throughout the year and are expected to sufferconsiderable alterations due to climate change. However, Geotechnical Analysis has traditionally been limited tosimplistic approaches, where winter and summer pore water pressure profiles are prescribed. Geotechnical Structures,such as cut slopes, are known to be prone to large irreversible displacements under the combined effect of wateruptake by a complex vegetation root system and precipitation. If such processes take place in an unsaturated materialthe complexity of the problem renders the use of numerical analysis essential. In this paper soil-atmosphereinteraction in cut slopes is studied using advanced, fully coupled partially saturated finite element analyses. The effectof rainfall and evapotranspiration is modelled through sophisticated boundary conditions, applying actualmeteorological data on a monthly basis. Stages of low and high water demand vegetation are considered for a periodof several years, before simulating the effect of vegetation removal. The analysis results are presented with regard tothe serviceability and stability of the cut slope.
AU - Tsiampousi,A
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PB - EDP Sciences
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TI - Soil-atmosphere interaction in unsaturated cut slopes
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