Seiberg-Witten theory Tim Perutz May 2002
Equivariant cohomology Sébastien Racanière Feb 2003
Notes on mirror symmetry Diego Matessi April 2003
Useful theorems in complex geometry Diego Matessi April 2003
Lie groupoids and Poisson geometry Sébastien Racanière May 2004
Bass-Serre theory Henry Wilton June 2004
Algebraic geometry over groups Henry Wilton Nov 2004
Generalized G2-manifolds Fred Witt Jan 2005
Limit groups Henry Wilton Feb 2005
Lattices in Sol Andrew Harkins (Will Dison) April 2005
Mostow rigidity Martin Bridson (Will Dison) June 2005
Hyperbolic spaces, R-trees and outer automorphism groups Henry Wilton Apr 2003
Homotopy groups John Calabrese Oct 2009

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