The challenge facing aviation is to satisfy the predicted growth in demand for air travel in a way that ensures that the environment is protected. Sustainable solutions can only be found through partnership and collaboration on research, development and policy. Significant progress is being made but there remains much to do.

Imperial College London responds to the complex issues of developing a greener air transport system with Green Aviation.

Hosted by the Department of Aeronautics, Green Aviation is an integrated approach which draws on expertise within our engineering and science departments (Aeronautics, Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials, Mathematics and Physics) and in our specialist cross-disciplinary centres (Centre for Transport Studies, Composites Centre, Centre for Environmental Policy, Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Energy Futures Lab and Porter Institute for plant-based liquid fuels).

With this broad range of expertise Imperial College London is well placed to play a major role in the development of technologies (see the figure below) that will deliver greener air travel for future generations. You can find more detailed information on these research activities in our Green Aviation Booklet.