Recent PhD Theses

Theses submitted since 1 March 2013 are available online via the College library.

2023 - Uttley, George
Searches for new physics with tau leptons at the CMS experiment

2023 - Brown, Christopher
Fast machine learning in the CMS level-1 trigger for the high-luminosity LHC

2023 - Dancu, Julia-Suzana
Search for long-lived heavy neutral leptons with the CMS experiment using machine learning techniques

2023 - Birch, Matthew
Amplitude ansatz analysis of the decay B0 → K∗0μ+μ

2023 - Dascalu, Titus-Stefan
Study of non-neutral electron plasma lenses for focusing laser-driven ion beams

2023 - Williams, Simon Jonathan
Event generation on quantum computers

2022 - Naseby, Charles
Understanding the impact of an expanded neutral current pion production model on long-baseline oscillation analyses at T2K

2022 - Dubouchet, Matthias
Sensitivity and background estimates towards Phase-I of the COMET muon-to-electron conversion search

2022 - Monk, David
Research and development for the data, trigger and control card in preparation for Hi-Lumi lhc

2022 - Davies, Joe William
A search for the Higgs boson decay to two electrons with the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment

2022 - Hassanshahi, Mohammad Hassan
Measuring the CP nature of the Yukawa coupling between the Higgs boson and tau leptons

2022 - Jurj, Paul Bogdan
Normalised transverse emittance reduction via ionisation cooling in MICE ‘Flip Mode’

2022 - Atkin, Edward Thomas
Neutrino Oscillations Analysis at the T2K experiment including studies of new uncertainties on interactions involving final state hadrons

2022 - Newcombe, Ryan
Search for the decay B → ppτν at LHCb

2022 - Baxter, Samuel
Search for Dark Higgs and for heavy Higgs resonances in top-antitop quark pair production with the CMS experiment

2021 - Lau, Hin Tung
Medical applications for particle physics

2021 - Cepaitis, Vilius
Flavour-universal search for heavy neutral leptons with a deep neural network-based displaced jet tagger with the CMS experiment

2021 - Shorrock, Wilf
Determining the basic properties of a new particle detector concept for the T2K experiment and implementing the T2K calculation for a three-neutrino global fit with GAMBIT

2021 - Moise, Razvan-Daniel
First evidence for the violation of lepton flavour universality in rare beauty-quark decays

2021 - Shirobokov, Sergey
Optimisation of the SHiP Beam Dump Facility with generative surrogate models

2021 - Bonomally, Shameena
Measurement of Higgs boson properties using the diphoton decay channel at the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment

2021 - Sztuc, Artur
Standard and non-standard neutrino-antineutrino oscillation analyses and event reconstruction studies using Markov chain Monte Carlo methods at T2K

2021 - Zecchinelli, Angelo Giacomo
Differential measurements of Z and γ bosons produced with jets at the CMS experiment

2021 - Langford, Jonathon Mark
Precision measurements of Higgs boson properties with beyond-the-Standard Model interpretations at the CMS experiment

2020 - Nonnenmacher, Toby
Development of detectors and simulation method for measurement of hadrons from neutrino interactions

2020 - Hecke, Malte
Searching for new physics in B0 → K∗0μ+μ decays

2020 - Milosevic, Vukasin
Search for invisible decays of the Higgs boson at √s = 13 TeV

2020 - Dow, Albert Kenneth
Measurements of the CP properties of the Higgs boson couplings to tau leptons and top quarks with the CMS experiment

2020 - Taylor, Robert
Neutrinoless double beta decay in dual-phase xenon time projection chambers: lux, lz and prospects for g3

2020 - Kress, Felix Johannes
Angular analysis of the B0 to K*0μ+μ- decay at the LHCb experiment

2020 - Marangou, Nellie
Extending the physics reach of the LUX and LZ dark matter experiments by lowering the scintillation threshold

2020 - Shtipliyski, Antoni
Systems and algorithms for low-latency event reconsturction for upgrades of the level-1 triger of the CMS experiment at CERN

2020 - Breeze, Shane Davy
Precision measurement of the Z invisible width with the CMS experiment

2020 - Costa, Jonathan Cristiano
Global analyses of BSM theories using LHC Run 2

2020 - Tilley, Matthew
First observation of the decay B → ppbarμν and measurement of its differential branching fraction

2020 - Baker, Sophie Katherine
Measurement of deuterons at LHCb

2019 - Olcina Samblas, Ibles
A statistical framework for the characterisation of WIMP dark matter with the LUX-ZEPLIN experiment

2019 - Winterbottom, Daniel
Search for additional Higgs bosons decaying to tau leptons and measurement of the CP properties of the Higgs Yukawa coupling to top quarks using the CMS detector

2019 - Scott, Edward John Titman
Measurements of Higgs boson properties using the diphoton decay channel with the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment

2019 - Di Maria, Riccardo
Searches for invisibly decaying Higgs bosons produced through vector boson fusion at 13 TeV and cloud computing for high energy physics with the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment

2019 - Humair, Thibaud
Testing lepton universality in penguin decays of beauty mesons using the LHCb detector

2019 - Lantwin, Oliver James Immanuel
Optimisation of the SHiP experimental design

2018 - Gillies, Ewen
COMET Phase-I Track Reconstruction using Machine Learning and Computer Vision

2018 - Wright, Jack
Study of higgs boson production through vector boson fusion at the CMS experiment using a dense convolutional neural network

2018 - Wret, Carl Vincent Clarence
Minimising systematic uncertainties in the T2K experiment using near-detector and external data

2018 - Sioni Summers
Application of FPGAs to triggering in high energy physics

2018 - Slavomira Stefkova
Search for the rare fully leptonic decay B+ → μ+ μ− μ+ ν at LHCb

2018 - Christian Laner Ogilvy
Search for long-lived supersymmetry in final states with jets and missing energy in the CMS detector

2018 - Sophie Charlotte Middleton
Characterisation of the MICE experiment

2018 - Jonathon Baird
Experiments with LISA Pathfinder: Cosmic Rays and Fundamental Physics

2018 - Tom James
A hardware track-trigger for CMS at the High Luminosity LHC

2017 - Wing Yan Ma
Five sample joint neutrino/antineutrino oscillation analysis in T2K

2017 - Eluned Smith
Λ0b → pπ −μ+ μ−

2017 - Luke Pickering
Measurement of lead-target neutrino interactions using the whole T2K near detector

2017 - Matthew Citron
Search for supersymmetry in sqrt(s) = 13 TeV p-p collisions using the alphaT variable with the CMS detector

2017 - Adam Elwood
A search for supersymmetry in √s=13 tev proton-proton collisions with the CMS detector at the LHC

2017 - Benjamin Krikler
Sensitivity and background estimates for phase-II of the COMET experiment

2017 - Adinda de Wit
Searches for neutral Higgs bosons in final states with two tau leptons using the CMS detector

2017 - Louie Corpe
Study of Higgs boson production through its decay to two photons using data collected at a centre-of-mass energy of 13 TeV with the CMS detector

2016 - Patrick Dunne
Searches for invisibly decaying Higgs bosons with the CMS detector

2016 - Adam Bailey
Dark matter searches and study of electrode design in LUX and LZ

2016 - Joao Arnauth Pela
Search for Higgs decay to dark matter and trigger studies

2016 - Mark Baber
Search for supersymmetry in the first √s = 13 TeV pp-collisions using the αT variable with the CMS detector

2016 - Christopher Hunt
High precision track reconstruction and first emittance measurements in the MICE step IV cooling channel

2016 - Davide Braga
Development of the readout electronics for the high luminosity upgrade of the CMS outer strip tracker

2016 - William Sutcliffe
Determination of the quark coupling strength |Vub| using baryonic decays

2015 - Samuel Cunliffe
The scalar component of B0 → K+ π- μ+ μ- decays

2015 - Samuel Hall
Searching for beyond the Standard Model physics using direct and indirect methods at LHCb

2015 - Daniele Mirarchi
Crystal collimation for LHC

2015 - Philip Hamilton
A study of neutrino interactions in argon gas

2015 - Robyn Lucas
Searches for Supersymmetry with compressed mass spectra using monojet events with the CMS detector at the LHC

2015 - Kees Jan de Vries
Global fits of supersymmetric models after LHC Run 1

2015 - A Zarrebini-Esfahani
Study of RF Breakdown in Muon Cooling Cavities

2015 - E Santos
Progress at the Intensity Frontier on Neutrino-Nucleus Interaction Cross Sections and Muon Ionization Cooling

2015- P Sinclair
Implementation of a multinucleon neutrino interaction simulation and comparison with T2K data

2014 - D Burton
 Searches for Supersymmetric signatures in all hadronic final states with the alphat variable

2014 - G Ciezarek
Searches for lepton number violation, and flavour violation beyond the Yukawa couplings at LHCb

2014 - A Gilbert
Searches for neutral Higgs bosons decaying to tau pairs and measurement of the Z+b-jet cross section with the CMS detector

2014 - M Kenzie
Properties of the Higgs-like state around 125 GeV in its decay to two photons at the CMS experiment

2014 - P Owen
Measurement of branching fractions, isospin asymmetries and angular observables in exclusive electroweak penguin decays

2014 - I Sepp
Using Rare Decays to Probe the Standard Model at LHCb

2014 - B Smith
Measurement of the Electron Neutrino-Nucleon Cross-Sectionon Carbon using the T2K Near Detector

2013 - W Ferguson
Performance of a tracking telescope for crystal channeling measurements and evaluation of the CMS Binary Chip

2013 - B Mathias
Search for supersymmetry in pp collisions with all-hadronic final states using the alpha_T variable with the CMS detector at the LHC

2013 - E Mitchell
Development of a miniaturised particle radiation monitor for Earth orbit

2013 - M Jarvis
Measurement of the electron charge asymmetry in inclusive W production in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV in the CMS experiment

2013 - C Parkinson
The angular analysis of the Bto K*0μ+μ- decay at LHCb

2013 - S Rogerson
A search for supersymmetry using the alphaT variable with the CMS detector and the impact of experimental searches for supersymmetry on supersymmetric parameter space

2013 - M Scott
Measuring charged current neutrino interactions in the electromagnetic calorimeters of the ND280 detector

2013 - A Shires
Exploring b to s electroweak penguin decays at LHCb

2013 -S Short
Study of Neutrino-Induced Neutral Current Neutral Pion Production in the T2K Near Detector

2013 - P Stejskal
Radiation Effects in Optical Link Components for Future Particle Physics Detectors

2013 - N Wardle
Observation of a New Particle in the Search for the Standard  Model Higgs Boson at the CMS Detector

2012 - S Ives (Ives.pdf)
Study of the kaon contribution to the T2K neutrino beam using neutrino interactions in the Near Detector

2012 - A Currie (Currie.pdf)
Direct searches for WIMP dark matter with ZEPLIN-III

2012 - M Cutajar (Cutajar.pdf)
Search for supersymmetric neutral Higgs bosons decaying to tau pairs in the e+tau-jet final state with calibration using Z->tautau events at CMS

2012 - A Guneratne-Bryer  (Guneratne.pdf)
A Search for Supersymmetry with Same–Sign Tau and Lepton Final States at the CMS Experiment

2012 - Z Hatherell (Hatherell.pdf)
Searching for SUSY in events with Jets and Missing Transverse Energy using AlphaT with the CMS Detector at the LHC

2012 - R Nandi (Nandi.pdf)
A Search for Supersymmetry in Events with Photons and Jets from Proton-Proton Collisions at √S = 7 TeV with the CMS Detector

2012 - A Sparrow (Sparrow.pdf)
Measurement of the Polarisation of the W Boson and Application to Supersymmetry Searches at the Large Hadron Collider

2012 - A Alekou (Alekou.pdf)
Ionisation Cooling Lattices for the Neutrino Factory

2012 - P Masliah (Masliah.pdf)
Study of muon neutrino disappearance in the T2K experiment

2012 - P Schaack (Schaack.pdf)
Measurement of the decay Bs->Phi Mu Mu at LHCb

2012 -J Dobson (Dobson.pdf)
Neutrino Induced Charged Current pi+ Production at the T2K Near Detector

2012 - M Easton (Easton.pdf)
RFQ Design for PAMELA Injector

2012 - P Guzowski (Guzowski.pdf)
Reconstruction of neutrino induced neutral current neutral pion events with the T2K ND280 Tracker and ECAL

2012 - T Whyntie (Whyntie.pdf)
Constraining the supersymmetric parameter space with early data from the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment

2012 -  C Blanks (Blanks.pdf)
V0 production ratios at LHCb and the alignment of its RICH detectors

2011 - G Ball (Ball.pdf)
Cross section studies of the Z and neutral supersymmetric Higgs bosons decaying to tau leptons at CMS

2011 - A Dobbs (Dobbs.pdf)
Particle Rate and Host Accelerator Beam Loss on the MICE Experiment

2011 - D Hollington (Hollington.pdf)
The Charge Management System for LISA and LISA Pathfinder

2011 - F Soomro (Soomro.pdf)
Radiative decays of B mesons at LHCb

2011 - N Rompotis (Rompotis.pdf)
Measurement of the W->ev cross section with Early data from the CMS Experiment at CERN

2011 - A Papageorgiou (CERN Link)
Detector and Trigger Studies Towards Discovering the Higgs Boson Produced via Vector Boson Fusion Using the CMS Detector

2011 - J Marrouche (Marrouche.pdf)
Triggering and W-Polarisation Studies with CMS at the LHC

2010- N A Osman
A Search for Neutral Supersymmetric Higgs Bosons at DØ

2010 - J Ballin (‌)
Particle Flow at CMS & the LHC

2010 - W Reece (Reece.pdf)
Exploiting angular correlations in the rare decay Bd->K*mumu at LHCb

2010 - C Eames (CERN link)
Alignment of the Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detectors and Sensitivity to the Isospin Asymmetry in the Rare Decay B -> K* MuMu at LHCb

2010 - M Tibbetts (Tibbetts.pdf)
Study of |Vtd/Vts| Using a Sum of Exclusive B->Xy Final States Reconstructed with the BaBar Detector

2010 - D A Lee (‌)
Laser-Based Beam Profile Monitor for the RAL Front End Test Stand

2010 - J Walding (Walding.pdf)
A sub-GeV charged-current quasi-elastic muon neutrino cross-section on carbon at SciBooNE

2010 - M Pesaresi (Pesaresi.pdf)
Development of a new Silicon Tracker for CMS at Super-LHC

2010 - P Vint (Vint.pdf)
Di-J/psi studies, Level 3 tracking and the DZero Run IIb upgrade

2010 - A Fish (Fish.pdf)
Construction and testing of the scintillating fibre trackers for MICE

2010 - D Wardrope (Wardrope.pdf)
Preparations for Measurement of Electroweak Boson Production Cross-Sections using the Electron Decay Modes, with the Compact Muon Solenoid Detector

2010- A Laine (AndreaLaine.pdf)
V2D: Virtual Two-Dimensional Capillary Electrophoresis for Protein Separation and Identification

2010 - A Rose (Rose.pdf)
The Level-1 Trigger of the CMS experiment at the LHC and the Super-LHC

2009 - B. Edwards (Edwards_Blair.pdf)
The ZEPLIN Dark Matter Search: Two Phase Xenon as a WIMP Target

2009 - K. Petridis (Petridis.pdf)
Reconstruction and selection of Z-> tau tau -> e+tau -jet decays at the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment

2009 - T Christoudias (Christoudias.pdf)
Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the Missing Energy Topology with DØ

2009 - I Taylor (Taylor.pdf)
Development of T2K 280n Near Detector Software for Muon and Photon Reconstruction

2008 - T Blake (Blake.pdf)
Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detectors and the Rare Decay Bd -> K*0u+u- at LHCb

2008 - S L Robinson (Robinson.pdf)
Neutral Supersymmetric Higgs Boson Searches at DØ

2008 - C Timlin (Timlin.pdf)
Early Physics at the LHC using the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter

2008 - M Wingham (Wingham.pdf)
Commissioning of the CMS tracker and preparing for early physics at the LHC

2007 - C Rogers
Beam Dynamics in a Muon Ionisation Cooling Channel

2007 - W Panduro-Vazquez (Panduro.pdf)
A Study of the Rare Charmless Hadronic B Decay B+→ a+0 + pi0 using the BaBar detector

2007 - S Wakefield (Wakefield.pdf)
Distributed data analysis over the grid and a study of the decay MSSM A/H -> tau tau -> two jets at CMS

2007 - J Jones (JJones.pdf)
Development of Trigger and Control Systems for CMS

2007 - C Fry
Measurement of spin-dependent charged current deep inelastic scattering cross sections using the ZEUS detector at HERA

2007 - T Scanlon
B-tagging and the search for neutral supersymmetric Higgs Bosons at DØ

2006 - P Lewis (Lewis.pdf)
Grid Development and a Study of B Flavour Tagging at DØ

2006 - L Lobo (Lobo.pdf)
Jet Energy Scale Studies and the Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the Channel ZH -> nunubar bbbar at DØ

2006 - R Plackett (Plackett.pdf)
Photon Detectors for the Ring Imaging Cherenkov Counters of the LHCb Experiment

2006 - S Dris ( CERN link )
Performance of the CMS Tracker Readout Optical Links and Future Upgrade Using Bandwidth Efficient Digital Modulation

2006 - A Jenkins (Jenkins.pdf)
A Search for the Z -> b-bbar Process at Dzero

2006 - M Takahashi (CERN LInk )
Optimization of CMS Detector Performance and Detection of the Standard Model Higgs Boson via the qqH, H->tautau Channel with a Lepton + a Jet in the Final State

2006 - J Leaver ( CERN link )
Testing and Development of the CMS Silicon Tracker Front End Readout Electronics

2005 - M B Nikolich (Nikolich.pdf)
Study of the Rare Hadronic Decays Ds± -> K± pi0, Ds± -> pi± K0s and Ds± -> p± p i0 at BaBar

2005 - L Allebone
A CP Simulation Study of the Decay Mode Bd -> D*pi at LHCb and the Development of the Pixel Hybrid Photon Detectors for the RICH System

2005 - G Dewhirst
The Electronic Chain and the Performance of the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter and the Discovery Reach of Radion -> hh -> gamma gamma bb

2005 - J Gaillard
Measurement of the Branching Fractions and CP asymmetries of the modes B ->rho pi0 an d B ->K*pi0 at Babar

2005- C Barnes (Barnes.pdf)
Development of vertexing and lifetime triggers and a study of Bs mixing using hadronic decays at DØ

2004 - M Noy
Development and Characterisation of the Compact Muon Solenoid Silicon Microstrip Tracker Front End Driver

2004 - C Collins-Tooth
Measurement of the e+p charged current cross sections with the ZEUS detector at HERA and QCD analysis of deep inelastic scattering data

2004 - G P Taylor (Taylor.pdf)
Study of Charmless Semileptonic B Decays and a Measurement of the CKM Matrix Element |Vub| at BaBar

2004 - S J E Jolly (CERN link )
Development of Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detectors for the LHCb Experiment

2004 - M Ryan
Light Collection Uniformity of Lead Tungstate Crystals for the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter Endcaps

2004 - R Bainbridge (CERN link )
Influence of Highly Ionising Events on the CMS APV25 Readout Chip

2003 - M Petteni
Measuring the Jet Response and the Search for the Higgs Boson in the Channel ZH -> e+e- bbbar with the DØ Detector

2003 - P N Martin
Measurements of Atmospheric Trace Gases Using Open Path Differential UV Absorption Spectroscopy for Urban Pollution Monitoring

2003 - J R Goncalo
Measurement of the high-Q2 neutral current deep inelastic scattering cross sections with the ZEUS detector at HERA

2003 - R Hill
A measurement of Rb at LEP2 with the ALEPH detector

2003 - E A Noah Messomo (Noah.pdf)
Radiation and Temperature Effects on the APV25 Readout Chip for the CMS Tracker

2003 - E P Corrin (Corrin.pdf)
Development of Digital Readout Electronics for the CMS Tracker

2002 - S A Rutherford
Colour Reconnection Studies at LEP2 with the ALEPH Detector and Data Reduction Algorithms for the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter

2002 - D A Bowerman (Bowerman.pdf)
Study of the rare decay B0 -> pi0pi0 at BaBar

2002 - D U B auer (Bauer.pdf)
A study of B0s -> J/Psi phi in the DØ experiment and an example of HEP technology transfer

2002 - R A Illingworth (Illingworth.pdf)
Development of trigger software for the Silicon and Fibre Trackers and a study of B meson lifetimes for the DØ experiment

2002 - L Aspinwall (Aspinwall.pdf)
A measurement of the exclusive branching fraction for B -> piK at BaBar

2001 - R White
Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the missing mass channel at the ALEPH Experiment

2001 - D Smith (Dan_Smith.pdf)
Monte Carlo analysis of the Flavour changing Neutral Current b --> s gamma at Babar

2001 - A Tapper (CERN link )
Measurement of charged current deep inelastic scattering cross sections using the ZEUS detector at HERA

2001 - J Fulcher (CERN link )
Radiation effects in electronics for the CMS Tracking Detector

2000 - J Nowell (CERN link )
A measurement of the W boson mass with the ALEPH detector

2000 - M John (CERN link )
Development of ring imaging Cherenkov detectors for the LHCB experiment

2000 - N Gunawardane (Gunawardane.pdf)
A measurement of neutral B meson mixing using dilepton events with the BABAR detector

2000 - J M Hays
Performance of a lead tungstate crystal electromagnetic calorimeter for the compact muon solenoid experiment at the Large Hadron Collider

December 1999 - S. M. Goodsir
A W mass measurement with the ALEPH detector.

May 1999 - F. G. Sciacca (CERN link)
Analogue readout and signal processing for microstrip gas chambers of the compact muon solenoid at LHC

April 1999 - J. Troska
Radiation - hard optoelectronic data transfer for the CMS tracker

March 1999 - J. E. Cole (Cole.pdf)
Open charm production in deep inelastic diffractive ep scattering at HERA

January 1998 - P. D. Strother (Strother.pdf)
Design and application of the reconstruction software for the BABAR calorimeter

September 1998 - D. Sideris
Measurement of the charm contribution to the proton structure function at HERA

August 1998 - R. Mongkolnavin
CVD Polycrystalline Diamond: A Novel Neutron Detector and Applications

June 1998 - A. Mahon
Ultraviolet absorption detection of DNA in gels

May 1998 - G. M. Iles
Silicon detectors for X-ray experiments at synchrotron sources

May 1998 - G. Howell
Measurement of the charged current Cross-section with the ZEUS detector at HERA

1998 - A. S. Howard
Diamond detectors for particle physics

March 1998 - D. Graham
Lead tungstate crystal calorimetry in CMS at the Large Hadron Collider and consequences for physics performance.

1997 - M. D. Williams
Searches for Supersymmetry when R-parity is violated