UROP in Experimental High Energy Physics

We offer a small number of UROP projects per year in a variety of areas, working on our ongoing experiments in HEP. These summer vacation placements will be funded at the same rate as the Imperial College UROP award (£354 per week for summer 2023.). Note that after summer 2023 the Department of Physics will no longer allow UROPs to take place where no bursary has been organised. Priority will be given to students in their penultimate or final year.

The work involved is very dependent on which experiment the placement is associated with. Most tend to include a significant amount of computing, but can also involve some aspects of data visualisation, hardware development, data acquisition, experimental operations and machine learning.

The actual projects change from year to year and applications are handled through a pooled system. If you would like to be considered for a UROP placement in the group, Please fill in the UROP in Experimental High Energy Physics form and also upload CV in the box provided.

We also encourage students to consider applying for the Central Imperial/Departmental Scheme and will carry out our selection in a synchronised manner.

If you have any further queries please email Paula Consiglio on fundamental@imperial.ac.uk.

Applications will be open from 1st October until 1st March every year. You should expect to hear from the Group by the end of March.

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