electroncis workshop equipment

The HEP electronics workshop

All modern high-energy physics experiments are highly reliant on high-performance analog and digital electronics. At the electronics workshop of the Imperial College HEP group we assist the academics with anything electronics-related required, from analog and digital design, PCB layout and firmware development. We have a well-equipped electronics production lab with equipment for automatic pick-and-place of SMD parts, BGA placement and rework, reflow-soldering, as well as manual and automatic wire-bonders and equipment for bond strength testing, environmental testing and testing of integrated circuits on wafer. We assemble both prototypes required for R&D, test modules required for testing circuits in different types of particle beams, including bump and wire-bonding of ASICs, and also perform small-scale production of when quick turnaround or e.g. low radioactive background contamination is required.

image strip of lab equipment
From left to right: Automatic wire-bonder, wire-bonded chip, bump-bonded CBC3 ASIC, environmental test chamber

We're at the moment heavily involved in the CMS project (e.g. the design of the Serenity FPGA board and production testing of the CBC3 ASIC), but also contribute to T2K and HyperK, Dune, SoLid and others, as well as conduct electronics design and assembly R&D for future projects.


Johan Borg

Johan Borg

Johan Borg
Senior Electronic Engineer

Group members: Johan Borg, George Gimas, Vera Kasey, Duncan Parker