The Centre for Decarbonisation and Natural Climate Solutions is a collaboration between Hitachi LtdHitachi Europe and Imperial College London with the goal of aiding the transition to net zero pollution.

By working together on a set of joint research projects, the Centre will provide solutions and research to help tackle the issue of global pollution, of which CO2 is one of the greatest sources. The initial focus will be on decarbonisation and climate repair, with projects covering carbon management, decarbonisation of energy and transport, and COremoval - looking at new technologies and nature-based solutions. The Centre will take a multidisciplinary, systems-thinking approach, with each project co-created and co-supervised to embed both technical and socioeconomic/policy aspects. This multitude of angles provides a broader view of the problem and a better understanding of all the solutions available for reaching a net zero world. Our ambition also extends beyond reaching net zero. There will still be environmental and societal challenges to overcome even once net zero is reached, for example, caused by high residual levels of CO2in the atmosphere.

The Centre connects a very strong combination of expertise and experience from Hitachi and Imperial College London, which is being harnessed to help overcome these challenges and prepare solutions to allow society and nature to rebalance.