Imperial Horizons Student Handbooks

These student handbooks are aimed at students already registered for an Imperial Horizons module.

They are intended to provide information about the programme, and to be a source of advice on how to get the most from your module. They also contain important information about procedures which you must read carefully, particularly the advice on writing in your own words.

Other useful documents

Language coursework coversheet and plagiarism/collusion declaration form
Coursework submitted for assessment must be your own work. Assignments are subjected to regular checks for plagiarism and/or collusion. Plagiarism is the presentation of another person’s thoughts or words as if they were your own, collusion is obtaining help from another person to complete your work. In preparing your coursework, you may not seek help, or copy from any other person or source, including the internet, unless you acknowledge their contribution.

You must submit the Languages Plagiarism Form [pdf] with your first piece of coursework each academic year. You need to initial each of the statements and then sign your name at the bottom. By completing the form you are declaring that both your first and all subsequent pieces of coursework are and will be entirely your own work. Your assignments will not be accepted without this declaration.

Coursework Extension Form 
Please check the course notes on Blackboard for the submission deadlines for your module.

If you are enrolled on a Humanities & Social Sciences, Change Makers, or Language module and have extenuating circumstances (i.e. documented illness or a serious personal problem) that require an extension to the deadline you will need to complete the appropriate Coursework Extension Form (below). You will need to provide your personal details and the reason why you are requesting an extension. 

 Please note that workload pressure is not viewed as a valid reason for requesting a coursework extension.