Data Privacy

The College’s Data Privacy Statement for students applies to the data that we hold about you concerning your Imperial Horizons module. Please refer to Privacy Notice for Students and Prospective Students.

Your Responsibilities

Please be aware of the following responsibilities you are expected to take for your learning, when registering for an Imperial Horizons module

Attendance requirement

Meaningful engagement, including consistent attendance and constructive participation in both on-campus and online classes is expected. Lack of engagement will limit your learning and may negatively impact the mark that appears on your transcript if you are taking your Horizons module for Degree Credit or as part of I-Explore. The successful running of Horizons modules for the enjoyment and enrichment of all participants is dependent upon everyone contributing and interacting responsibly throughout the module. You are therefore expected to demonstrate good academic citizenship by attending and meaningfully participating in all the sessions.

Attendance will be monitored in modules which contain group work, active discussion, or case study work and, in the interest of your wellbeing, non-attendance may be followed-up with your home Department.

If you have a valid reason for missing a class you must email your lecturer, in advance where possible, to inform them of your absence. This is in addition to any reporting required by your course or home Department or visa status. Your absence can then be authorised. Please note that pressure of work or an impending deadline are not considered to be valid reasons for authorised absence. 

Your credit status and how results are recorded

Please see Taking a module for credit for details on the different credit statuses and how your results will be recorded. 

Changing module or withdrawing

Module changes are not usually permitted after the modules have started. 

If you are experiencing any problems with the module, or have any concerns, please contact your lecturer, the appropriate Coordinator for your field of study or the Imperial Horizons administrator

Please see the information on the Withdrawal page if you are considering withdrawing from your Horizons module. There are some restrictions on withdrawals, so please ensure that you read the notes carefully before completing the withdrawal form. 

Academic honesty, plagiarism and collusion

You undertake to only submit work that is entirely your own. Ask your lecturer for help should you be in any doubt about writing in your own words. Please be aware that the College views any form of cheating very seriously. Please see the webpage on Plagiarism and Collusion for more information. 

Participating in group work

You are expected to participate fully in any task involving working in a group. You should be a reliable, committed member of the group and you must be fully accountable for your contribution.

Coursework deadlines and extensions

Coursework must be submitted on time. If you do not submit the required coursework or sit required tests, you will receive no marks for that assessment. 

Please see the CLCC UG Modules Handbook for advice on what to do if you have extenuating circumstances which affect your assessments. 


Imperial Horizons tests and assessments are very often scheduled in the last week of both the Autumn and Spring terms in the dedicated I-Explore / Horizons slots. It is your responsibility to ensure you can attend these assessments. 

Signing up for a module that is appropriate for you in the context of your previous learning

Languages modules are offered at a range of different levels from complete beginners (Level 1) upwards. Please make sure that you are eligible for the language module that you are choosing by checking the pre-requisites chart on the page for the language you are intending to study. If you are in any doubt about your eligibility to register for a particular Horizons option you should contact the appropriate Coordinator for advice.

Year in Europe and Language for Science Students

Students on a degree which includes a year abroad (including those studying a BSc/MSci with a Language for Science) are required to study a language in preparation for that year. You will attend two hours a week of language tuition through Imperial Horizons and an additional third hour of language tuition per week intended to prepare you for study abroad. BSc/MSci with a Language for Science students will also undertake a further hour of study in the history, politics, science and technology of the countries concerned. It is compulsory for you to attend all three hours (four hours in the case of BSc/MSci with a Language for Science) of tuition.

Time commitments for your module

In addition to the class time of two hours a week, you will need to set aside extra time (two to three hours for two-term modules and one hour for one-term modules) for preparation and follow-up activities that will be given in class. This is important if you want to make good progress in the module you have chosen.

Student Handbook

It is your responsibility to read (and download where appropriate) the relevant Horizons student handbookfor your field, and the information on the website about the module you have chosen.

Modules Offered

Imperial Horizons modules listed in our literature and on the website are those that the Centre currently intends to offer in the coming academic year.  Modules run subject to sufficient demand, resources and current College guidance. The university reserves the right to cap numbers and change or discontinue modules. It is possible that modules may have to be withdrawn or changed at short notice in response to changing circumstances. Should the module to which you have signed up be cancelled, we will do our best to allocate you to another module of your choice.