Human-Like Computing Third Wave of AI Workshop (3AI-HLC 2019)

As part of the EPSRC funded Human-Like Computing Network+ we are organising a workshop on Third Wave Artificial Intelligence on Friday 26th April 2019 from 09:30 – 17:00.

Third wave AI is DARPA's term for its upcoming programme of research in areas which go beyond the limitations of first wave AI and second wave.

First Wave AI (1970s – 1990s) is defined as good at reasoning, but no ability to learn or generalize. Second Wave AI (2000s to present) is defined as good at learning and perceiving, but minimal ability to reason or generalize.

Third Wave AI (est 2020s – 2030s) is envisaged as consisting of excellent at perceiving, learning and reasoning, and able to generalize with the following attributes:

•    Contextual adaptation, able to explain decisions.
•    Can converse in natural language.
•    Requires far fewer data samples for training.
•    Able to learn and function with minimal supervision.

The purpose of the EPSRC funded Human-Like Computing Network+ is to support the development of a UK-wide multi-disciplinary community of researchers within the EPSRC Priority area of Human-Like Computing (HLC). The main stakeholders in our project are: other researchers within both Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science both nationally and internationally.  See our website ( for further details.


This workshop is meant as an opportunity to exchange ideas and present recent work on an important and timely topic in AI. We welcome presentations by experienced as well as early researchers. We encourage two types of presentations:  short (10 minutes) and long (20 minutes). You can also express your interest to participate without presenting by submitting a short description of your research (see below).

  • To attend and give a presentation, please submit via EasyChair.
  • For long presentations: a short description of consolidated (e.g. published) work - please include a link to a publication if applicable;
  • For short presentations: a short description (max 1 page) of ongoing work.
  • To attend without presenting, please submit a short description (max 1page) of your research interests and previous (relevant) research, also via EasyChair.
  • The deadline for submissions is 5th April 2019. Notifications will be sent by 15th April 2019.
  • Your submission on EasyChair will be taken as your intention to attend. We will notify you by 15th April 2019 to advise you whether you submission (for attendance/presentation) has been successful. Participation in the workshop is free, subject to availability.

Online registration is now closed, please contact Bridget Gundry ( if you want to register for the workshop after the closing date.