Are staff able to work abroad as part of hybrid or remote working?

The College is a UK-based institution and, in the majority of cases, requires staff to be located in the UK and work to be carried out in the UK.  Whilst the Work Location Framework is being trialled, all remote working will need to be from within the UK.

If, as a Line Manager, you believe that exceptional circumstances apply to permit an employee to work overseas, please follow the process for making a request to employ staff to work overseas outlined in the College’s Overseas working guidance.

Why is there a trial period for the Work Location Framework?

The Work Location Framework sets out a College-wide approach as to how we can harness the benefits of onsite and remote working. This is a new approach and must be carefully reviewed before we commit to a more permanent change. The trial period is an opportunity for all of us to learn and understand what this means for our students, our roles, our teams and the wider college community.

How is hybrid working applied if I work part-time?

The minimum amount of time to be spent onsite has purposefully been stated as a % of usual working time, whether that be full time hours or part-time hours. Local areas will determine how this will work for each member of staff in their teams.

What does the hybrid percentage working mean?

The percentage of time you work onsite should be discussed with your manager. For many, the percentage is likely to reflect the amount of time spent onsite on a weekly basis, however it could be agreed for a different period, for example an average percentage over a month or an average for the duration of the trial period.

Will staff be monitored?

No additional measures will be put in to monitor staff attendance.  Normal practice for managing attendance will continue to apply.

Will staff be disciplined if they do not comply with the percentage agreed by their manager?

We aim to avoid this and will initially work with staff members to understand the reason(s) why before disciplinary proceedings are considered. We encourage dialogue between the parties and where appropriate we would suggest having a facilitated conversation.

What is the assessment process during the review period?

This is likely to take the form of a pulse survey to all staff and focus groups. This is being further developed and will be shared with staff after the Provost’s Board have agreed the approach in September.

What are other HEIs doing?

It varies across organisations with no one common approach.

Will staff who request to be remote workers have their salary reduced?

If the remote working category is agreed following the trial period and staff request to work 100% remotely, this may be the case.

How does the Work Location Framework fit with the Flexible Working Policy?

The Work Location Framework sets out the College approach to determining individuals'/teams' work locations. As we trial the new framework, it is expected that the Work Location Framework is referred to in the first instance if managers and staff wish to discuss and change their work location arrangements.

The Flexible Working Policy sets out how a member of staff may go about requesting a change to their work arrangements and could be used for several reasons including reducing hours or changing their work pattern.  If a member of staff is eligible and wishes to submit a statutory flexible working request to change their work location, they are encouraged to first consider this via the Work Location Framework. However, staff who meet the eligibility requirements have a right to request flexible working and if an individual submits a statutory request, this will be considered in line with the statutory requirements set out in the Flexible Working Policy.

Making an application does not automatically mean that the change will be agreed. If the individual's request cannot be fully accommodated after following the flexible working process, they may be offered an alternative arrangement in line with the College Work Location Framework rather than returning to work in line with their contract of employment.

Should work location arrangements be recorded?

There is no requirement to record work location arrangements for every member of staff during the trial period of the work location framework.  In line with the framework, it may be agreed, in exceptional circumstances, that a member of staff will work 100% remotely for the trial period of the framework and for these cases, Faculties/Divisions should keep a local record and share this with their Strategic HR team who will provide this data in support the review of the framework in early 2023.  If following the review, a contractual change is required for 100% remote workers, this will be discussed with the member of staff and any changes will be confirmed in writing.