The Work Location Framework is a framework for determining ‘where’ an individual works, whether that be onsite, hybrid or remote. The Work Location Framework should be referred to in the first instance when discussing work location arrangements. 

As set out in the framework, the overall parameters of work location arrangements will be determined by the Head of Department/Senior manager and implemented by the line manager locally.  Hybrid working arrangements are considered a flexible and non-contractual arrangement and may be subject to change depending on operational requirements.  Remote working arrangements will constitute a formal contractual change.

Imperial College London has a separate Flexible Working Policy which sets out the right to request flexible working. 

The Flexible Working Policy remains available to staff who wish to request permanent and structured adjustments to their contractual working arrangements which may also include working part-time, remote working or changing their work pattern.

All flexible working requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and staff are reminded that making an application does not automatically mean that the change will be agreed.  Any decision not to approve a flexible working request will be made with reference to the eight fair business reasons as detailed in the Flexible Working Policy.