Founded in 1998 by Prof. Dennis Anderson and Prof. Peter Pearson, the Imperial College Centre for Energy Policy and Technology, ICEPT, is a world class centre for research and policy advice at the interface between energy policy and technology. ICEPT addresses key policy challenges including climate change, energy security, affordability and energy for development.

ICEPT leads energy policy research for Imperial's Energy Futures Lab. We collaborate with the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and direct the UK Energy Research Centre's Technology and Policy Assessment Function.

Dr Robert Gross is  the Director of ICEPT and there are four co-directors:  Dr Raphael Slade, Dr Ausilio Bauen, Dr Iain Staffell and Dr Jeremy Woods. ICEPT is steered by a management group and advisory committee.  ICEPT's expertise spans engineering, economics, law and the bio-sciences. ICEPT works across five principal research themes: