Technology and policy assessment for industry and government departments has been a prominent feature of ICEPT's work for many years. This work is cross cutting, dealing holistically with a range of issues and technologies.

The Technology and Policy Assessment (TPA) function of the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) was established in 2004 to meet demand from policymakers, industry and other stakeholders for independent, policy-relevant assessments that address key issues and controversies in the energy field. The TPA team draws on existing energy research to develop accessible, credible and authoritative reports relevant to policymakers, other stakeholders and wider public debate.

The TPA’s reports and papers have had a high impact on policy, having been extensively cited in government reports and White Papers, Parliamentary Select Committee Reports and by bodies such as the Committee on Climate Change. Click here to view a list of impacts (PDF).

The TPA is run in collaboration with the Sussex Energy Group, at SPRU, Sussex.


Head of group: Dr. Robert Gross

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