The I&I Research Committee will support the Department’s research funding strategy, promote funding opportunities such as new inter/intra-faculty research partnerships, and provide support to Early Career Researchers (RA to Lecturer) with the grant funding cycle.

The Committee has responsibility for executive oversight of the Research funding strategy within the Department and can supply guidance to the Department on effective implementation of research funding initiatives.

The Committee’s goals are as follows:

  • To develop and implement the Department’s Research Funding Strategy
  • To monitor the implementation of the Research Funding Strategy and to evaluate its impact
  • To monitor internal and external developments and trends and take account of them in the development of strategy
  • To ensure a uniformed approach across the Department for research grant activities such as peer review
  • To identify methods of supporting the funding and research activities for groups requiring specific support e.g. early-career researchers

If you have any enquiries for the committee, please send an e-mail to

The research commitee also peer reviews all fellowship proposals, which is a mandatory process. Proposals must be submitted 8 weeks ahead of the of the external submission deadline. To find more information about this read the guidance for applying for a fellowship .

Committee members