The effect of carbonation on microstructure and transport properties of concrete

Started: Oct 2017
Supervisor: Wong, H.S.Buenfeld, N.

Description of Research

Reinforced concrete is a widely applied construction material and embedded steel is protected by the oxide film formed in the highly alkaline environment in concrete. However, processes like carbonation could break the protective film and trigger the corrosion in reinforcement with the presence of oxygen and moisture. Carbonation involves penetration of atmospheric CO2 through pores and its reaction with concrete constituents, especially calcium hydroxide. This reaction produces calcium carbonate, which precipitates on the pore walls due to its low solubility. This process refines the pore structure and alters the transport properties of concrete.


Kai obtained a BEng from Shandong University and an MEng from the University of Bath.

Kai ZhangPhD Candidate - Materials 
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 
Imperial College London SW7 2AZ